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SAVEDROID Crypto world has evolved and became the spotlight in a variety of media, crypto has become an epidemic of a new and successful ecosystem in the digital world grew rapidly. Millions of people flocked to use crypto because crypto is present as a solution for easier transactions and investment assets that have high scores You will definitely get confused if you see a large number of ICO project is being done at this time, because the current amount to ICO hundreds of projects up and running in the same time. If you are looking for a good project and has the brilliant idea, we’ll recommend it to you

ICO project this time comes from a platform that is named Savedroid. Savedroid has an idea that is visionary and successful to attract more investors. This is evident with the sale of tokens in the pre-launch stage sale that sold out in just 7 hours away. Fantastic isn’t it? Surely you’re curious with this Savedroid, here is his review

What Is A Saveroid?
Savedroid is a platform for everyone to be able to enjoy crypto, many people consider that saving is something that sucks. Savedroid present as a solution in the problem and use the crypto application in teknogi
Savedroid provides a solution for all the people can enjoy the conveniences and advantages of crypto. Savedroid will be a platform that makes it easy for many people and may be accessed in various gatget so make diamanapun you are, access Sveroid it is very possible to do

Concept and Service Savedroid
Many services and ideas that are on offer by many companies to be able to attract investors to come and invest in him. Savedroid any case, but the concepts that they have really real and needed by many people.

This is a concept and service that is owned by the Savedroid:
1. Savedrois will create a system that is very easy to use by everyone. Savedroid will create an application that is easily installed and downloaded through the smatphone. In this way, will certainly make it easier for all those who want to have this Savedroid service.
2. Savedroid Platform made his system simple and runs automatically. All that is in the automatic Saveroid and kesesulitan does not give meaning to its users.
3. With there his application in the mobile, when want to use live push button that is available in the application. This is a surefire way to increase the number of their crypto assets by way of routineĀ  and saving in this service.

The award-winning Savedroid algorithm based on bit “if-then-rules”, called smooves. First, users specify personal savings target, i.e. the things they want to buy but can’t afford it right now. Then they define the events that trigger the process of retrenchment.
For example, you can say: I want to save 5 euro each time I ran as far as at least 3 kilometers. Because the application of storage connected to your fitness Tracker, notice that each time you jog. And because storage applications also connect to your bank account, it will transfer money to Your savings account deposits. Just like that, automatically and without you needing to do anything.
By the way, the most successful smoove goes like this: whenever someone tweet, enter 1 euro to my savings account. Some users have been able to save for some very good things with the help of this smoove

Sale Token Savedroid
As already alluded to above, in that the Savedriod make a FAVICON.ICO to be together with the public to develop the concept of massive Savedroid. Savedroid using the token code SVD. While pre-sale opened, token SVD sold out in just 7 hours, time alone, this is proof that the community’s enthusiasm is very high against Savedroid. Lest you miss and run out of tokens SVD when ICO sales wave

Sale token Savedroid (SVD) shall be carried out on the staircase; 09 February until 09 March 2018. Token disedikaan in sales this is ICO 55% of the total of token available, i.e. 10 billion. Minimum sales target when ICO is 50 million token SVD. If the sale is not able to get the softcap then funds will be returned to the investor

Immediately joined and invested in the idea that it is owned by Savedroid. Be an important part of an ecosystem that allows everyone a crypto
ITS Savedroid is divided into two parts, beginning with pre-sales and was followed by the sale of the primary. The retail price of the token backup during ITS set at 1 EUR = 100 SVD, while special sales discount applies as described below.

The price of the SVD will fluctuate during the time we measured at the Bitcoin and Ethereal. From July 12 to 26 January 2018 we offer you 5% of all the SVD (e.g. SVD 5 million) to the public with presale bonus 30%.

This means each participant pre-sale received 30% of the total number of tokens that he received for free. So, if someone buys 1,000 SVD and get 1,300 SVD with the purchase price of the same date to 9 March 2018, we will offer 55% of all public purchases for the SVD for our main sales (i.e. 5.5 billion SVD). Overall, we hope we can sell millions of numbers with two-digit numbers SVFA lower.


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