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SAVEDROID will create a ecosystem unique AI crypto investment for the user to obtain and easy access to the crypto KI investment plans in the Bitcoin, Ethereal, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Iota, Dash, Stellar, etc., and crypto.
Savedroid Gave investment opportunities, such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICO, introduction of new technology without a hitch, save the complexity and the process of creating a Smart User Experience (“UX”) that automatically engages, store it safely, Crypto and make easily accessible, can be traded and be praised. That’s why the first is ICO saved Germany
Savedroid will utilize the resources of existing core technology cutting edge AI, and UX, based on maximum simplification and emotional gamifikasi, offering an incredible value proposition. Actually, savedroid is the first company of an ICO shares Germany who follow rules Germany to get the highest level of security.
Savedroid is the right players to make it happen: founded in Frankfurt/Germany in the fourth quarter of the year 2015, savedroid have been shown to simplify the process of storing traditional finance and promote adoption market.
Savedroid has successfully launched the first AI-based savings in Europe, which has resulted in more than 200,000 downloads and more than 10 million savings since it was launched in October 2016.
Savedroid creating significant economic value to the mass market through savings automatic, self-learning AI algorithms that analyze user accounts to identify potentialsavings and optimization, such as AI learning algorithms independent contract optimisation potential identified. for utilities, mobile, banking, insurance etc.
Savedroid (SVD) create digital money box for private demand, which set aside money for a variety of actions. Savedroid created the ecosystem of AI-Fueled unique crypto storage and for future investment.
Users benefit from convenient access to Smart savings package Bitcoin, Ethereal, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash etc, and crypto investment opportunities better, like portfolio, futures, and ICO, without barriers to technology implementation of any kind. savedroid leverages core assets of AI technology independent study and a great user experience, based on simplification and maximum emotional gamifikasi, to deliver incredible value proposition. We first drove Germany adalahICO inclusion crypto. Join us in making the world accessible to mass crypto.
Give power to the people!
Savedroid is an award-winning fintech Germany specialising in technology save AI
AI savedroid allows users to automatically save their desire without thinking about the savings. Since the launch of our mobile applications in the year 2016, we have built a strong track record in the user experience of art based on simplification and gamifikasi. savedroid is set as the company’s stock and have put together a € 2 m + equity of famous investors. We are part of the Deutsche Börse’s FinTech Hub and Venture Network and collaborate with various partners B2B. In fact, the savedroid are the rules and regulations of Germany following ICO first of Germany stock company to give participants the highest level of security.
MAIN SALES STARTED 9th FEBRUARY Savedroid awards and savedroid solutions to save money and automatically optimize personnel spend based on a self-learning AI technology has been recognized by prestigious awards, they are in Switzerland:
Savedroid token — SVD we make on ERC20 utility token with a built — in deflation mechanisms as suggested by Vitalik Buterin, to support future value token savedroid. Token savedroid — with the short name “SVD” — can be used to buy Crypto Service savedroid in the ecosystem. Our users automatically saving and investment crypto will use savedroid tokens to pay for the costs of these services crypto. Once the mark has been used for the purchase of savedroid in the ecosystem savedroid that wewant to burn a certain percentage of this evidence to support future value for the Token. Therefore you can sell River SVD, in Exchange for tokens that are supported or hodl [sic] in addition, use the SVDs in ecosystems savedroid will give you the added benefit of users and networks to further stimulate the growth of savedroid’s, as described in more detail below.

Savedroid, for the first time, providing the average user mass market with easy access to cryptocurrencies without a hitch the adoption of technology. In savedroid’s unique AI fueled ecosystems, users will benefit from convenient AI crypto-based savings plan in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, IOTA, dash ripples, stars, etc. and superior investment opportunities, such as Crypto portfolio, derivatives, and ICOs. savedroid smart wants to create a convenient auto-UX change the savings for cryptocurrencies, safely store them and make them easily accessible, tradeable, and generous. We will offer all these services crypto for a reasonable fee (we may adjust the fees from time to time for the latest market developments to address).
A total of SVDs 10 trillion will be spent on the blockchain the Ethereum using smart contracts. SVD will comply with standard ERC205 and be free to be moved blockchain hand over at the Ethereum. Ethereum what the natural choice for this project because of the widespread adoption of industry standards and to issue a custom digital assets. Compatibility with standard ERC20 utilize existing advantages based on the infrastructure of the Ethereum’s ecosystem, namely in terms of development tools, wallet, exchange of expertise, and human resources
Savedroid a sustainable ecosystem for the crypto community wants to build a network grows almost with communities and their effects. Therefore, the contribution is a contribution to the future of the ecosystem savedroid for SVD. The mechanism of deflation we created the intrinsic value and the value of the relationship between the growth of our ecosystems and the SVD. The goal is to reduce the effects of previous ICOs, where the token has a great demand in the first month but then leveled from time to time.
For users and in ecosystems SVD who wants users to purchase savedroid ecosystemsavedroid AI trigger crypto savings and investment services as outlined below. Utilize the technical support process, savedroid want to enable all users, especially those not initially participate in the ITS, or buy SVD on the market through the savedroid ecosystem.
The current fiat and Cryptocurrencies as well as Savedroid’s costs illustrated in the image below:

That is very important to understand that the price of the SVD will vary from time to time, based on different factors, the most notable are listed below:
Savedroid crypto service request changes,
Changes in the competitive landscape,
SVD, speculative demand.
Supply the token holder is willing to sell the SVD,
Exchange rate EUR/ETH, and
The cost of gas in the network Ethereum.
Token publishing savedroid is up and running almost for more than 2 years, have a successful living products with a strong track record of AI’S latest technology and State-of-the-art UX, who grew up in a big way and the user base is very involved, and the relevant revenue streams. Now modern cryptocurrencies is logical and very important leap forward to consistently expand the savedroid ecosystem. Further expanding the application of AI technology, integrating B2B partners, grow our talent pool of developers with the right UX, designers, marketing professionals, established the legal framework, and, of course, encourage the growth of significant users through targeted marketing performance require additional investment.
Savedroid ITS will be arranged in two parts, starting with pre-sale and was followed by a major sales. The selling price for the savedroid token during ITS set at 1 EUR = 100 SVD, while special pre-sale discount will apply as outlined below. Therefore, the price of the SVD will fluctuate as measured in the Bitcoin and Ethereum during ITS us. Starting from 12 to 26 January 2018, we will offer you 5% of all the SVD (i.e. 5 million SVD) to purchase pre-sale public with 30% bonus. This means that the pre-sales each participant will receive an additional 30% of the purchase of number tokens-Hey above for free, so if one buys 1,000 SVD she wanted to receive a total of 1,300 SVD for the same purchase price.
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