Saturn Black – Liquidity Provider for Crypto Markets

Saturn is a platform for direct, cross-chain trading of crypto assets. The decentralized protocol-a symbiosis of the comfort of a direct atomic alternative and the reliability of a third birthday guarantor. Legal and invulnerable transactions for crypto mark players. Our goal: To introduce a qualitatively new, liquid and invulnerable market for crypto ob objects.

About Saturn Platform
In developing Saturn’s Atomic Exchange Services, the mission team expects community support from various millions of crypto-players around the world. The records of crypto belongings depend on the needs of the Community in the markets. Our group will organize regular votes from the first stage of the token sale to recognize the capacity of markets and the need to increase the secondary market.

As the size of assets accumulated by tokens sale in trading XSAT tokens has picked up, we will negotiate with representatives of the companies benefiting from these assets and with them on the modern issues of liquidity of Assets speak. Groups of groups intrigued to resolve the issue of the liquidity of belongings receive partnership support by adding items to the list of buying and selling instruments. Saturn does not plan to charge additional prices from companies to provide liquidity to existing markets and new markets on Saturn’s platform. In addition, offers for off-market transactions and an auction allow holders who own an excessive number of assets to realize their assets through our platform.

To make the XSAT token and Saturn platform equally popular, the crew plans to exchange in popular locations. Due to the shift in the volume of purchases and sales towards decentralization, we expect to receive a reasonable fee for the XSAT token to rule out possible tampering. As the platform develops, the group intends to conduct a series of investigations that will help discover new approaches to the development of the crypto market and increase asset liquidity. In research, we expect the help of our community, which will allow us to grow together.New initiatives are being supported by Saturn’s team. Under this initiative, initiatives will receive an audit of the token model in order to obtain sufficient comments and to obtain an assessment of the liquidity of the future token upon reaching the stock exchanges. It is intended to popularize the platform through an advertising strategy with the help of the Bounty Fund program. Moving factors of the product will be the neighborhood of crypto-players, as well as maintaining and developing the product that is best on our part, according to the format for creating a new, liquid and secure free transportation market.
Saturn tokens

The purpose of issuing a Saturn token (symbol: XSAT) is to use it as a liquidity facility as well as a listing facility in the Saturn platform. In addition, Saturn’s team plans to make XSAT tokens a security credit. However, that decision will be considered later.

The XSAT token is based on the standard ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain. The information on the XSAT token and token sale are as follows:
XSAT Contract Address: 0x0d9e614937a30838337a2999acf64fc86bf09a (Don’t send anything to this address! This is not an intelligent contract.)

Total offer: XSAT
For sale: 750.000.000 XSAT
Price per brand: $0.125
Private sale: November-December 2018
Pre-sale: Announcement in December 2018
Public sale: 1Q 2019
For more information on token sales, visit Saturn’s website, see Saturn’s white paper or write to [email protected]

Conclusion :
The Saturn exchange creates a new approach to swapping crypto assets for the cryptocurrency market. With these benefits of Saturn services, it offers more flexible and liquid transactions. Saturn Black becomes an exchange that is safer, more fluid and faster.

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