SaTT Is Coming! The Future of Advertising Transactions

SaTT – To buy something, you need to sell something. and to sell a product or service, you need to invest in advertising. Up to 30% of the cost, such as a smartphone, may be due to the manufacturer’s marketing costs. That is, buyers pay the cost of advertising, and suppliers have no choice but to invest huge money in marketing. Why is this happening?

The fact that all the cards in this game are in the hands of advertising agencies. It is not profitable for them to be effective, they need suppliers of goods and services to apply for advertising again and again. Advertising agencies appoint gigantic prices for their services, almost “from the lantern.” From order to placement advertising often passes a huge number of intermediaries, and all of them need to give their share. In this case, the customer can not get accurate information about how effective the advertising campaign was. Maybe we should change something.

Maybe advertising worked “in the Void,” and the target audience knows not to know about your first-class product? Alas, no one will give the manufacturer completely reliable data about the reaction and coverage of the audience, about promising directions of promotion. Large companies spend millions on their own marketing research and expand the reach of the market due to these costs, which in the end are also included in the price of the product for us with you.

But the blockchain technology can fix that.
What is SaTT?
The abbreviation SaTT stands for “Smart token for advertising transactions”. SaTT is a utility token of type ERC-223, managed by a smart contract. A smart contract can perform many tasks:
 Reward the user for viewing the advertisement or product feedback;
 Give the advertiser detailed and reliable statistics about the conversion of ads;
 Allows you to specify what actions to reward users: (click, view, Recall, Laik, repost…);
 Allows the advertiser to choose the amount of remuneration, and accordingly to plan the advertising budget;
 By recording all actions in the blockchain-data tampering will not be possible;
 The nature of the advertising campaign can be changed on the go, to test the audience response, and to achieve the most effective.
All this saves money to The Advertiser, which indirectly will reduce the cost of its services and products while allowing you to earn ordinary users on the viewings of advertising.

The principle of SaTT is simple and efficient:
1) The Advertiser chooses the partner media resources on which the announcements will be placed. Then determines the level of participation of partners in the advertising campaign. You can also assign this task to a special Oracle, which will automatically pick up the best options.
2) Having identified the partners and their participation, The Advertiser introduces this data to the smart contract, calculates the cost of the campaign and lays in the smart contract the appropriate number of SaTT tokens.
3) After placing the advertisement, The Advertiser adjusts the campaign parameters based on the reliable information about the conversion received from the smart contract.
4) partners who have posted ads and consumers who have viewed advertisements will automatically receive a reward through a smart contract with SaTT tokens, depending on their degree of participation and activity.

In the future, consumers will be able to exchange SaTT tokens for fiat money, or exchange tokens for exclusive products of the manufacturer that gave the advertisement. This is possible because SaTT tokens support the ERC-223 standard, which ensures that each token is unique and tracked.
All these features give the SaTT project significant advantages over advertising networks like Google AdWords.

The token, Oracle, and Smart contract SaTT developed by Atayen is originally from the United States, which specializes in developing business applications for social networks, and works closely with media marketing. The company has already created and successfully tested the beta version of the platform that rewards users for their advertising responses. Atayen services are used by such corporations as IKEA, ASUS, and McDonald’s.

To improve the platform, it was decided to transfer it to the blockchain, and hold the ICO. Crowdsale started in early May 2018 and will last until July 2018g. The more tokens are sold, the less the investor bonus becomes. The price of one token-$0.42, are accepted cryptocurrency ethereum and Bitcoin, it is also possible to buy tokens for dollars or euros, through bank payment.

The SaTT token is a real revolution in the advertising industry. The development of the SaTT ecosystem is advantageous as a business that leads sales on the Internet (that is, almost all modern business), and buyers of goods and services. The scope of Internet marketing is growing, corporations spend huge sums on it, and these funds will move to those who provide more profitable and effective ways of advertising, compared with competitors. And so, the token and smart contracts SaTT expects almost guaranteed success.

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