RxEAL The latest way to Profit From Rental Markets

RxEAL – Now there is a Platform that can be RxEAL believe and keep a security in network Blockchain Ethereum. This will give finisih dispute with the main focus of decentralized real estate and rental market otootif and also other industries demanding storage funds cannot be believed and penyeselaian disputes fairly. so RxEAL would be a solution in the transaction the lease with the advantage in may for the user RxEAL than with a traditional security system and in will give more users to use Cryptocurrency. This will render your warranty as assets that potentially will give you an advantage in the future because of the assurance that use RxEAL will be in conjunction with the smart contract ethereum.

By combining technology with Blockchain daily rent transaction kit will build an entirely new way for users who do not know the knowledge to take advantage of the benefits offered by smart contract. and the presence of RxEAL is a response to the growth of the consumers involved nature of real estate, car rentals, and other transactions involving money jminan. with the RxEAL transaction will be safer, faster and cheaper than the traditional alternatives. Similarly, RxEAL provides the easiest way and secure in the guarantee of saving money for the rental of various products in the form of cryptocurrency by using smart contract Ethereum Blockchain and fair ending process.

As for either using the services provided by the user RxEAL claimed to have treated the Ethereum’s purse as a prerequisite.
Architecture and platform Blockchain
RxEAL technology projects also take advantage of the technology Blockchain network Platform, because the Ethereum Ethereum is currently the most sophisticated smart contract with an incredible team behind it. Whereas every deposite stored in the smart contact that can not be cancelled by any party

Security and privacy
Security is a major concern of any project that there is more of an internet-based project information personal or financial. RxEAL platform of applying security measures very closely over the complete customer confidence and identity information for each pribdi will be stored in smartcontract to make sure that information is not saved and the ekal can d public access. that thing above can be pulled a conclusion presence Platforms RxEAL storage sebagaiabadi function eventually deposit which can only access based on requirements smart Contract upon agreement of both parties.

RXL Token
RxEAL also developed token RXL token because this is an important element in the RxEAL Platform and ensure flexibility and control over the growth of the project, either at the moment of payment for services, pay Outuntuk arbitrators and other interactions that use Platform will be ekskusif done at RxEAL. a lot of the economic value of the token exists in the ang TXL is a utulitas. with the initial value is 400 RXL = 1 ETH and holders can use token RXL personally whether it is transferred to third parties as well as in trade on exchanges. so the owner can fully control the RXL token token value that he held. For more information about sales RXL token can visit the official website RxEAL.

Daily transaction: 25.000
Projected annual demand token in USD:
Average Total deposit request
$300 $104,025,000
$600 $166,987,500
$900 $229,950,000
$1.200 $292,912,500
$1.500 $355,875,000

The date of the initial token Sales ICO ICO will begin on January 15, 2018 15:00 p.m. Moscow time. End of sales beginning on 19 February 2018 15:00 p.m. Moscow time. Also, the initial token sales may end earlier if the cost ceiling is reached. * Participants can buy pre-sale token RXL with bonus 100% with fixed fares 0.00125 ETH.

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