Root Blockchain hides blockchain complexity from business and provides simple API to interact with blockchain

Root Blockchain Progress has the property to accelerate, the technology is evolving every year faster. Take the same blockchain-for some couple of years he penetrated almost every area of life. The number of companies applying this technology in their production processes is growing. But every year to own the blockchain-chain becomes more and more expensive for business owners. Already more than 200 GB weighs one block of bitcoin and other, like it, chains. Such pleasure becomes accessible, only to the average and big business. But where to take blockchain small business? The Root Blockchain project team is just answering this question. and quite successfully.

As we already know, blockchain needs business, but fewer of those who decide to implement it. This is related to:
-The price of creating new blocks is constantly growing;
-The price of the content of own blockchain grows;
-Competent specialists for development and maintenance of blockchain technologies in a big deficit.
It is worth adding, not only small businesses can not afford their blockchain. It is difficult to solve and quite large and successful companies that have not small investment resources. But there is a team that has taken care of this problem and the name of it Root Blockchain.

Unprepared audience The idea of the project may not be immediately understood. After all of the product of the project directly work only developers-here they will understand the idea very well. And ordinary people can not know. It is not necessary to know how the car engine is designed to be a motorist. But let’s try. Very briefly, Root Blockchain is BaaS with API and blockchain in one vial.
In detail, Root Blockchain is, first of all, the platform on which companies can rent blockchain on the principle of BaaS. BaaS is a server rental service for the backend of mobile or Web applications.
Root Blockchain can be connected through API, it makes work with it comfortable for developers.
And that’s not the end of the surprises! Root Blockchain has created a new, faster, cheaper, and safer way to confirm transactions. The point is that in this case, the transactions in the chains are not stored, and only their traces are stored. These traces store the addresses of the locations in the decentralized storage where these transactions are encoded. Due to this, the chain is lighter, faster and more secure. Well, isn’t it cool?

Blockchain Private-customers can choose to have their own special blockchain, where only their transactions are going to be.
Blockchain-Blockchain private consortium for two or more parties. The ideal Consortium for linking customers and vendors.
Encrypted secure data storage is provided as an optional feature. This is related to but physically separated from the actual blockchain. The entire supply of Root Blockchain wrapped in layers of fire, make sure that business can easily be up and running in a minimal time frame.

Abbreviated name of the token: RBC
Standard Smartkontrakta: Ethereum
Start ICO: March 1, 2018
ICO end: May 31, 2018
Softcap: $1 million
Hardcap: $30 million
The price of one token RBC:
-First Stage: $0.01
-Second Stage: $0.02
-Third stage: $0.03
Kamanda Root Blockchain is represented by experienced experts in the field of blockchain and business development. There are our compatriots in it. This is Nikolai and Anna Shkiljovy, and Irina Nikitina.

It’s amazing why no one has ever thought of creating a BaaS blockchain with an API for business. It is very likely that thousands of businesses around the world will soon have access to the personal blockchain chains. It is obvious that this development will affect the increase of tattooed contributors to this ICO. It is very interesting to observe all this!

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