Review & Analysis Aion Network -The Third Generation Blockchain Network

AION NETWORK is a network of networks a multi-level blockchain is designed to support a future where many blockchains exist to solve problems of the industry unique and modern world Service Authority. Aion will become a protocols commonly used to blockchains, allowing more efficient and decentralised systems will be built.

What is Aion?
Today, there are hundreds of blockchains. In the years ahead, hundreds of people will be into the thousands and widespread adoption by — with key business and Government — millions. Blockchains did not speak to each other at all now; they are like a PC in the 1980 ‘s.
In the future, blockchains will federate data and the value of the hub and similar models to the internet. The mainstream adoption of the future blockchain will be achieved with the development of the network, the Federation of the blockchain to integrate these separate fingers. Integrated network blockchain it is the Aion.
Currently, there is an interest blockchain technology for the company and any other use cases in the public and private sectors. In addition to the new primary attention placed on the Ethereum, Bitcoin, ICO and the market more broadly, IBM and other companies have a lot of common projects and confidential blockchain; and companies as diverse as Disney and Microsoft have put their name on the company’s blockchain project. On July 2017, more than 150 companies in various industries is a member of the Alliance Ethereum Enterprise (EEA). In addition, more than US $400 M has been invested the VC (CBInsight) and US $900 M through yield sign event since November 2016 (Smith and Crown).
However, widespread adoption of blockchain technology is limited by the questions are not resolved, privacy, scalability and interoperability. The company’s previous blockchain innovation has become ineffective to address the core issue. A huge amount of resources has been spent trying to build the perfect blockchain next instead of working to integrate existing systems to a network operated by blockchain.

Aion blockchain is a network of the third generation that will allow public or private sector organizations:
• Federate: send data and values between each Aion-compliant blockchain and the Ethereum.
• Scale: gives a quick transaction processing and data capacity for all blockchains Aion.
• Talk: allows the creation of customized public or private which blockchains maintain interoperability with other blockchains, but allows publishers to select governance, consensus mechanism, publishing, and participation. The root of the Aion network is purpose-built, General, third-generation blockchain called Aion-1. Designed to connect to other blockchains and manage their own applications that are robust, Aion-1 also provides an economic system which incentivizes compact interoperability in the ecosystem.
AION Token is the fuel that is used to create a new blockchains, money network bridges and securing the network as a whole.

Token :
Hard hat: US $45 million (ICO is 50% of the total supply of token)
Conversion rates: AION 1 = $1 USD
Maximum market capitalization: ~ US $225 million if the hard CAP is reached (to be confirmed)
Mark ERC20: Yes
Crowdsale date: October 3
Token distribution date: when ending pre-sale

Roadmap (business & technical)
Aion-1 will be executed in three separate phases, with each phase focusing on different aspects of technologies and assembling the building blocks while advancing towards the finalization of the network (phase 3). The precise deadlines for each phase will be announced in due course.
Stage 1 the focus of the first phase in the schedule release of Aion is interchain communication and bridge the infrastructure. With this in mind, the phase 1 functionality will include:
High performance modifications, EVM

Bridging function and interchain communications
A modified algorithm of proof-of-work of consensus
Stage 2 the second phase of the plan the release of Aion targeted for migration from the architecture of our architectural modifications against the EVM AVM proposed. The priority of the construction of this phase include:
Aion Virtual Machine
Scripting language Aion

Legacy code base EVM continues its support
The third phase of the finalization phase 3 network infrastructure provides the communications infrastructure imaginable, interchain efficient and interchain application. In addition to the functions of the interchain from stage 1, and VM implementation of phase 2, this phase will introduce our representatives including consensus algorithm representative consensus.

The strength of the
Matthew finger-founder of AION is part of the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and had previously worked on projects with Vitalik Buterin (founder of the Ethereum)-relationship/network between the two is rather strong. See the statement issued the advisory role concerning the AION VB-click here
AION’s parent company, Nuco (also founded by the spokesman) has officially Vitalik Buterin as advisors-the possibility there will be some advisers from Buterin for this project
Nuco has a very strong core team and a solid team of advisers that will most definitely bring benefits to AION. Famous names such as Alex Tapscott which is a founding member of the Advisory Board of the IMF on the fintech Special and blockchain. Alex is the co-author (with Don Tapscott) best-seller Non-fiction, the critically acclaimed Blockchain revolution.
Advising and supporting the project team was in AION new Alchemy, led by Peter Vessenes. Peter launched the company’s first 2011 Bitcoin VCbacked, establishing the Foundation of Bitcoin in 2012, and financed the first company to deploy a custom 65nm Bitcoin ASICs in the year 2013.
The weakness of the

AION enters the competitive space interoperability with other projects such as Blocknet, to the Ark, Polkadot, icons, and Wanchain. As the final entrant in the field, they will not have the advantage of the first mover and therefore will thwart the AION’s speed of execution.
The token economy and maximum cap that is much larger and somewhat excessive in our opinion, so it is very interesting as a short-term investment.
The majority of the proposition of the ICO is based on team and infrastructure holding company-execution at the AION will help provide more confidence.

AION serves to solve problems we have seen some companies aim to conquer, a very challenging solutions of interconnection between different blockchains so that we can fully achieve real-world usage and hopes to be infrastructures new blockchain future.
All in all, we look at AION was in hard competition amongst other projects mentioned above, but they have some of the basics and support to achieve the ambitious tasks. One thing to note is one of the projects of interoperability that we have reviewed all the weighted for long-term investment views as the time required to completely take at least 6-12 months old.
We look at AION to be on the heavy side of long-term holding to allow teams to carry out their projects. Provided the parent company, Nuco’s history; solid advisors, a strong core team member and affiliate with the Alliance Ethereum Enterprise, it might mean network exposure and promising partnership to AION in the future. Vitalik also recently has been recognized on Twitter AION became a project of interest see here.
In conclusion we draw some concern from a selection of total Cap token and thus do not recommend it for short term investment view, but for those who seek exposure with higher risk and longer time horizon, AION will fit your needs for this speculative buying opportunity.



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