REMIIT Decentralized Remittance & Payment Platform

REMIIT – Currently, most of the available money is in electronic form. Electronic money transfers have already entered our lives as a commonplace business and have taken an important role in the development of the economy. In recent years, the increase in migrants has had an impact on the popularization of remittances. They usually leave their home countries to earn money and each month they send a portion of their earnings to their relatives, using money transfers. If you add all the translations in one amount, the number will be huge! But in not everything is as smooth as it seems. In the field of remittances, there are also problems connected with lack of trust to banks or to intermediary companies on the part of clients. Due to existing problems, many clients are looking for alternative ways to solve these problems. In the era of blockchain technology, it has now become much more convenient and safe.

REMIIT is a unique project that aims to achieve the highest level of trust and to unite companies involved in remittances and their clients by providing a transparent and safe decentralized platform for Remittances.
At the moment there is a serious problem in using cryptocurrency as a means to transfer its funds due to its high volatility and low liquidity. REMIIT offers its users an innovative solution for money transfers, using two types of own tokens, which will have different tasks.

The platform will use two types of tokens, which will have different functions.
The first token will be called REMI. It will be used for trading on foreign exchanges
The second token of the same REMD will serve for translations and it can be purchased only on the internal exchange platform. Both tokens can be converted to any direction. Developers have conceived this separation to reduce all risks associated with unforeseen course collapse. The miner’s network will be responsible for the execution of the transaction. They use certain platform Smart contract templates to ensure the reliability and security of transactions, for which they will receive a fair reward in REMI tokens. To ensure the smooth operation of linkers (money transfer operators) will use a specific protocol and smart contract remiit.

The RSC Smart contract was created as a result of many developer tests. It is a major component of the entire transaction system and will be updated continuously based on customer feedback. RSC uses the deposit algorithm, which will give it more security to commit transactions. Its main task is to activate potential cash transactions between interested third parties WHO don’t trust one another, however.

The Payment Gateway Protocol (RPGP) will aim to increase the scalability of the platform on the international market and serves to develop the remiit ecosystem. It is planned that the protocol will help to involve more different companies in the implementation of international transfers. The RPGP protocol paired with a smart-contract platform are the main links of the entire ecosystem, which in the future will become a new solution in the field of money payments.

On the platform for clients is available to own purse REMI, which will have a convenient and easy to update interface. It will have features not only the usual purse-translation and management of crypto but also the possibility of trading and exchanging cryptocurrency.

The main benefits of the REMIIT platform ar the involvement of all market participants, like banks, credit firms, cash transfer operators, alternative tiny organizations and people The blockchain technology ensures maximum transparency and efficiency of all transactions. Excluding all intermediaries in the chain of making transfers and attracting new users to the platform, the fee for all transactions is reduced. Ensure the stability of the course by creating two different token functionality.

ICO procedure
Token: REMI
PRE-ICO: Mid-October-mid-November
MAIN ICO: Mid-November-end of December
Softkap: 5 million USD
Hardkap: 20 million USD
Deposit: ETH
Icobench 4.5

REMIIT The money transfer system does cover a number of problems related to the centralization system. They set their own rules by taking a large percentage of the amount for each transaction. The developers of the REMIIT project are striving to radically change the entire translation system using all the advantages of blockchain technology. By removing all intermediaries, it will help to reduce the Commission for transfers and create a transparent reliable ecosystem based on trust. Special attention should be paid to the team, which consists of people who have long been working in the field of international money transfers. I think the project has all the prerequisites to become one of the leaders in the market.

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