REMCO – The World’s First Powerful Distributed Token

REMCO – a Distributed platform to create money for money transfers “. This revolutionary platform allows authorized and licensed partners to fix their tokens, as well as to set the type of currency, denomination and commission structure for all stakeholders among other characteristics.

The subsequent use of activated tokens is recorded in the distributed workbook on the block platform, as well as in the partner database, and the parties have access to the usage records through the API. The token can be used on the partner platform, with integrated integration with the blockchain node for validation, transaction accounting, and transparent understanding of the remaining token value.

The initial traffic will come from the corporate parent of Remco Vtnglobal, Inc., which has a public money transfer license in the United States. The Vtnglobal model includes a retail e-scratch card that agents sell for cash, which improves stakeholder experience and reduces costs, especially for multiple recipients.

It also has the operational benefits of increasing transparency, improving recording security, and improving accuracy.

Peter Ojo, also a chief executive officer of Vtnglobal, has the primary benefit of the FinTech solutions deployed in Nigeria that are still leading in this market. His Nigerian company Vtnetwork Limited has two licenses in the Central Bank of Nigeria for mobile payments and international money transfers.

International translation partners benefit from the company’s robust API and relationships with all commercial banks in the country. Remittancetoken Remco Software Inc. Is the latest in this new technology deployment chain.

Remco Software INC. Has big plans with ICO this fall, which will build the capabilities of the Remittancetoken platform and facilitate rapid expansion through the US and into many other markets. VTN already has an integrated system and handles transactions daily for well-known corporations such as Western Union, IDT/Boss Revolution, Transfer-To and others.
The marker Remco mimics the trigger mechanism of a gift card on one side. However, users can send all the value if they wish. This is a terrific opportunity to generate revenue for money transfer organizations, as opposed to previous ones.

airdrops, where allowed, will soon start to target audiences in dozens of countries around the world.

The company also plans an initiative that can have an even greater industry impact. He will apply for a national banking charter, a new announcement recently announced by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and launch a bank focused on MSB to meet the needs of licensed MSB throughout the United States.

This MSB-oriented bank will face a large market gap as commercial banks are reluctant to allow the licensing business to open bank accounts, creating difficulties in every immigrant and low-income Community in the United States.

“We intend to use our team both for business and for the technical side to seize the opportunity of deserving but poorly serviced money-servicing companies,” Ojo said.

Remco (translation utility token) is the world’s first powerful distributed platform for creating money for money transfers. Remco Token Generating Platform APIs that allow any licensed monetary transmitter to program tokens to change value and take advantage of distributed accounting in terms of speed and scale and offering innovative compensation to all interested parties to the transaction. Our token is the jurisdiction and mechanism of money transfer. This means that it works with the existing model.

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