RedCab Decentralized Transportation Solution

RedCab – As you know now there is a huge number of different transportation organizations and they all offer different options for services. Each organization has its own rates and prices accordingly. In general, it becomes increasingly difficult for customers to choose which organization to contact. RedCab is a decentralized transport solution for private individuals using blockchain technology for cost-effective and secure transactions.
Also with the help of this platform people will be able to save billions of dollars from the Transport Commission. Their business model is designed to ensure seamless market penetration through thrifty and reliable processes, and the evaluation and reward program provides a loyal and productive community. Given the change of fare from one country to another and even from one city to another, RedCab LLC was able to keep the tool flexible to change the best pricing formula without the price of splash or high fare during holidays or bad weather.

RedCab LLC enables everyone to work freely as integrated service providers, working on a “peer-to-peer” basis, while taxi companies operate as an aggregated professional service provider. The REDCAB business model is designed to provide 100% of the benefits to users compared to the 100-percent income of drivers and taxi companies through decentralization of the entire process. The driver’s performance and reward program are designed to ensure that each individual trip receives the highest quality from the customer’s perspective. The beta version of the Mobile app has already released in 2017 both in the App Store and in Google, the launch took place in a small tourist spot on the Red Sea for more operational and testing car rental services, which consumes most of their Business model.

The purpose of selling RedCab tokens is to transform a business model from a centralized application into a decentralized ecosystem that allows access to global coverage and reduces transportation costs for users. Savings of more than 60 billion dollars are made annually by intermediaries, attracting funds for infrastructure development and meeting the growing international demand for transport services around the world through the development of a powerful Scalable tool.

Here you are offered to watch a small video about the project:
Already 1 year of research on potentials, markets, technologies, and experience in the transport industry. So this campaign has already enough knowledge in the field of transportation once a year studied this industry.
Lowest fare with a driver. I think for example for me this is the most important feature.
Create one community from different markets and a wide variety. That is, they want to unite everything in a single unit, all of which will be on blockchain and this is a big plus, as it will be all safe, secure and transparent.

Development of a technical platform with a reliable view of the future. Introduction of advanced technologies in the transport industry to improve the quality of customer service and achieve the best business results. That is RedCab want to completely improve everything, that there were all the amenities for people.

ICO Details
Maximum number of tokens-100 000 000
Token character-Redc
Pre ico Price1 ETH = 2.682 Redc
Price in Ico1 ETH = 2.333 Redc Maximum Collection amount-24.529 ETH minimum investment amount-0.1 ETH

The project is quite promising. Already released a beta version, so the team does not sit idly, and does its job. I think the project will be successful. Therefore, friends recommend you to look closely.

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