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REALTYCOIN is a new project from a company that’s been long standing and has been famous with their headquarters in santiago, Chile. Realtycoin trying memanfa’atkan blockchain popularity and created for the purpose of the RTC coin buying property at the lowest price all over the world and after that they will sell it at a price that high. with that kind of transaction then the profits obtained from such transactions could be ascertained.

We make these coins with the intention of buying real estate with a low price and then sell them at a higher price and then get a nice profit. 10% of these benefits will be shared with our investors. We are also currently in the process of arranging a deal with builders and other companies related to real estate to receive original coins as payment option. Realtycoin aims to be the number one coin to buy and sell real estate from all over the world.

The RealityCoin is a new product from a new company was founded, called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA. Company tax ID is 76.797.127-3 and located in Santiago, Chile. We launched our project and issued coins RTC with a purpose
buy real estate with the lowest prices around the world and then sell them a higher price, so get a lot of advantages to it. What we are trying to create, the chain, where we will deploy 10% profit from any deal with our investors. In addition, we can guarantee the payment options that will be accepted by the company’s builders and real estate agents.
We want you to be a part of this business, so You can be your real estate agent for your own
even without much effort. So if you have seen or found
real estate business opportunities are good, you can win with us too
It doesn’t matter where you are or where the real estate is located, we will buy it all over the world.

Realtycoin is a new product from a new company established the so-called inversiones Derezunsky SpA. by the account of corporate tax 76.797.127 – 3 is the city of santiago, Chile. Realtycoin make a project and by leveraging the popularity of blockchain and created the RTC coins to buy real estate at the lowest price around the world. and after that sell higher. So get a lot of benefits. That’s a prospect we will make by giving a 10% profit for investors from each deal. Additionally Realtycoin can also guarantee payment options that will be accepted by the real estate developer and real estate agents. Realtycoin want to be a part of this business. so we should be able to become a real estate agent for ourselves without having to work hard. This is certainly an opportunity. If you’ve found the bright side of business investment by joining Realtycoin. because Realtycoin will always be with us wherever we are.
Often our minds appear tough questions answered, what kind of real estate what we will find. We must see the opportunities of jelly. where the State of the disa’at increasingly difficult. and the urgency of the need, where they sold their properties to meet their needs. But if you are faced with a position. You do not need to be confused Realtycoin make this a great opportunity to have the kind of real estate.

A quick review of the Token RTC
Be aware of one of the concerns that surround the crypto World Disorder is very unstable and not predictable at all. but not to worry because with Realtycoin we could invest in one of the most solid asset which never existed in the world of real estate in particular. We could be one of the business partner properties. because Realtycoin always try to buy property at the lowest price and resell it at a high price to the customer. with the system for the results of this real estate business. Realtycoin create coins guaranteed as either the main payment instruments in the purchase or sale of real estate around the world.

Realtycoin is a crypto provides many benefits and can be proved by an interdisciplinary team of quality Realtycoin. supported by people who are experts in their field. such as law, finance, computer design, marketing and many others. By investing in the Realtycoin you will not find a problem like investing with conventional way like that. You are not faced with the minimum amount of investment, ownership of a credit card, your personal data dibank rating, or other. With an investment of Realtycoin be easy, we can do wherever we are, with only requires an internet connection. then the passive income from business investment in real estate we can get. with headquarters in Chile. regarded as the best and most strategic because Chile is one of the most transparent and free of corruption. Realtycoin is a decentralized blockchain crypto standards with the discerning contract ethereum. Realtycoin team believe that Crypto is coin a new era in the real estate business. Realtycoin evolved to solve the limitations of individuals in investing in property. with a solid investment. Realtycoin aims to increase real estate markets globally. that is expected to touch 200 trillion dollars more. Realtycoin invest greatly in Chile’s highly desirable assets. slowly this project will soon be growing around the world. with contributions from investors. acquiring property at low prices and sell them at a high price in order to get a big advantage is the main target of Realtycoin became part of investor Realtycoin. Realtycoin will continue to work optimally for recorded on various crypto sesa’at Exchange escalation after the program

RealtyCoin creates a decentralized economic system, without edges and limitations that allow you to invest from anywhere in the world.
Everyone will have an equal voice in the form of votes for which properties must be rented, sold, rebuilt or demolished. The amount of money you wish to invest depends on you, even though a small investment will bring you profits proportionally. There is no bank that is involved in the entire process because all the money obtained from investors.

RTC is a symbol and token 1 RTC = 0.00036 ETH. All payments will only be accepted at the ETH or BTC.
Pre-sales are conducted from 17 November 2017-17 December 2018 and minimum purchase set at 0.5 ET or 1410 RTC.
ICO held on December 17, 2017 and will last until January 31, 2018. The soft cap is $500,000 USD. Sales volume target for the token is 500 million. Out of this:
200 million will be available for sale the token.
75 million of the bonus provided for ICO.
150 million reserved for team RealtyCoin.
75 million reserved for early adopters in pre-sales.

It is divided into two parts: the acquisition of the property and sell it. The property will be acquired with money obtained from investors through the ICO. The property will be sold for a higher price and a yield of 10% will be distributed to investors as dividends. With the passing of this process, the price of the RTC is going up.


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