RATEONIUM – Perhaps the 21st century would be remembered by the world as the age of publicity of the word. Today it is considered absolutely normal to express your opinion and share it with the society, regardless of whether it is interested in anyone. But such a rhythm brings not only the unfriendly hate but carries a lot of good. People from the antiquity exchanged “Reviews ” about products, techniques, professions, clothes, etc., but it did not take such significance in connection with the small spectrum of information dissemination.

Today, everyone relies on a review, located in the network, despite the fact that he was left unfamiliar to the consumer man.
So why do you need a Rateonium project?
Despite the fact that such a system of information exchange is already complication in modern society, the latter has a number of imperfections, which are easily solved thanks to the application proposed by the project Rateonium. I suggest considering the idea of the project in detail.

About the project
So, what is Rateonium?
Platform Rateonium-built on the technology blockchain system, uniting the list of institutions cooperating with the platform, the location of the user, a brief description of each of them, evaluation content and rating lists of institutions. In this case, the platform has a reward system and so-called “cashback ” for active users of the platform.

How does it work?
Imagine you are in the unfamiliar city and already hungry. Passing the streets, you did not meet the institutions that would like to visit. And here is the first advantage of the platform: going to the application rateonium you will be given information about the best located near the establishments.

At first glance, you will find that there is nothing unique because already there are not a few applications with similar tools, but having studied the subsequent features of the application, you may change your mind. The rating system of the presented establishments will be located on the visible, accessible for you place. After reviewing the ratings and reviews of predecessors, you go to the restaurant you like and dine in it. Paying the bill in the institution, Rateonium rewards you for the visit token Rateonium (RTO)

The token is paid in full ratio with the amount paid in the institution. So, if the payment will be made in the amount of 50 euros, cashback will be equal to 500 rateonium token. After successful registration of a visit to the institution, you have the right to leave anonymous feedback about it. Information about the sender will be encrypted for personal safety  So, all reviews will arrive within 12 hours in random order.

Rateonium  The platform will have two tokens, each of which is released by the Rateonium platform. They were created to avoid market fluctuations. Thus, the token Ratec and Rateonium will serve as a digital currency, which in the future will be able to exchange for another cryptocurrency or Fiat.

ICO conditions:
Tokens: RTC
Total number of RTC tokens: 801 703 971
Pre-Sales phase: 10.08.2018-25.08.2018
ICO stage: 25.08.2018-25.09.2018
Price Pre ico 1 RTC = 0.000091 ETH
Price in ICO 1 RTC = 0.000182 ETH
Soft Cap: 32 000 ETH
Hard Cap: 84 234 ETH

Time will tell whether the rateonium of its competitor’s thanks to the declared team of tools, the complexity of the work done and the wide spectrum of the Platform’s action. But now the project has a number of effective advantages, which significantly distinguishes it from the rest.

Platform Rateonium is a rescue for travelers, fans of active recreation and simple users of smartphones.

P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of Blockchain technologies.

Website: https://rateonium.com
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