QURREX With the development of the crypto market, there are more and more exchanges where users can exchange different types of tokens at the most advantageous rate. Because the industry has appeared relatively recently, there are a number of problems in the Kriptovaljutnoj area that need to be addressed in the near future. This list includes Low transaction speed: This refers to the input and output of funds; Lack of proper protection of personal data of users: theft of funds, hacking of databases-negative information of this kind often appears in the media. Qurrex platform will allow bringing the process of cryptocurrency trade to a higher level. If its implementation succeeds, in the process of buying, selling tokens, users will be able to find the most attractive counter requests in just a few seconds. In addition, the service will solve the issues related to liquidity.

Platform Features
Qurrex is a multifunctional trading platform. Its activities will be carried out at the expense of Blockchain technology. It will resolve issues related to secure data storage. Developers understand that in the near future volumes of trade cryptocurrency will grow. The system resource will be calculated for this. The feature of the service will be hybrid architecture. The system will combine decentralized as well as centralized elements. The Qurrex ecosystem will form:
 Centralized component;
 Decentralized component;
 A list of special tools for a simplified trading process.
In fact, Qurrex will be the first high-performance crypto platform. This will achieve the perfect balance between asset security and transaction speed. According to the developers, the data processing speed will reach 70 thousand transactions per second.

 Advantages of the system
You can highlight the following benefits that the Qurrex platform will have:
 Security of funds: the level of protection of users ‘ assets will be brought to the highest level;
 The convenience of the interface: Customers will appreciate the simple and maximally accessible interface, a wide range of useful tools. With their help, it will be possible to carry out analysis of interesting cryptocurrency. With a special application, users will be able to access the platform;
 Transparency: The company will regularly publish reports on the conduct of activities. Each year, Qurrex will be audited by one of the four largest audit companies (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, as well as Ernst & Young).

In addition, users will receive a graphical updated report on the results of trading on the site. Each internal purse Kriptoinvestora will be subject to compulsory insurance. This will avoid major financial losses. Another plus for Kriptotrejderov is planned to create a social resource for more free communication.
How the site will work the developers of the Qurrex system plan to use centralized nodes of the CEX type (a kind of liquidity pool). Thanks to them, the load on the network will be aliased. Centralized nodes will be used to process, transfer data on the Qurrex network. Centralized nodes will be responsible for performing the functions that are necessary to ensure effective trade on the exchange. The data exchange will be carried out from the books on requests. They will select the most advantageous forms for the execution of existing contracts.
Who will benefit from the Qurrex platform
The following participants can use the Platform-tools:
 Corporate investors;
 Other crypto exchanges (with low liquidity);
 Brokers seeking to find the most convenient platform for work;
 Private investors: These participants will receive tools for analysis and operations.

Implementing ICO Qurrex
The main stage of the ICO will be held from June 10 to 30, 2018. For 1 ETH The buyer will accrue 400 qrx. From February 27 to March 28 on the Pre-Ico for 1 ETH gave 800 QRX, but the minimum investment was 15 esters. And at the moment there is a special offer you can buy 500 coins for one ether. The Hardkap of the project is set at a mark of 35 million dollars, 24 of which have already been successfully collected.

The Qurrex team is formed by the best traders and expert advisors. They develop effective principles for forecasting courses. Over the last period, the team has focused on studying the work with various crypto assets. Specialists are actively studying the problems of potential users of the service and will do everything to solve them. Of course, it takes time to implement the basic idea. You can familiarize yourself with the site development plan by viewing the roadmap. The site has good prospects. After all, Kriptoindustrija continues to develop, the audience with pleasure considers new, more convenient platforms for work. All comers will be able to invest in the ICO – the time remains.

Web Site: https://qurrex.com
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