Quras A Decentralized Anonymous Smart Contract Platform fo clouds & IOT

Quras – An innovative platform based on intelligent contracts, it is designed for secure, fully confidential transactions. It is here that each client will be able to get everything necessary to work with Cryptoalyta and content-from absolutely safe platform, to anonymous clouds and IOT.

The project Quras develops and expands to provide an intelligent and secure solution for a wide range of different applications. It all started with the desire of a team of developers, who wanted to create a secure anonymous block-project for health, reaching the level of the previously unattainable security and effectiveness of existing techniques-helping health care providers Revolutionize their stored data. Quras ready immediately change the way to identify businesses and individuals, provide the necessary security in transactions. By using open source, will give users full control over Quras asset management and data that have, and can ensure maximum data protection against external interference.

We are serious about the principles of our users and can guarantee that Quras uses the latest anonymous technologies to ensure full confidentiality. Using the latest security advances in users, Quras allows you to make the work inside the platform completely anonymous when it comes to transactions and communication, giving the user a new level of control and protection of their assets.

Clouds and large data
Using the traditional online storage technology (such as AWS) and using the latest distributed network technology (such as Tor), Quras guarantees a minimum risk of breach of security or leakage from the server. Encrypting a file store is a safe way to share/store data and complete a transaction.

The Protocol lock and Protocol Dag made the statement of transaction more rapid and transparent. Now fraudsters will not be able to influence the work of the platform to acquire the data of users. Quras very wise in managing transactions i.e. large flow of IoT of various sizes, the optimal Platform to produce data on a secure communications network and very specific contract, forming anonymous intellectual.

Smart Contracts
Our intellectual contracts system allows you to quickly and effectively carry out any necessary anonymous transaction on the platform Quras. A small commission for a transaction according to the amount of the holding shall be charged when the operating system is initiated by the token-issuer with the use of their currency, it is used to maintain the sustainability. Users can also use our intelligent contracts system to create distributed applications through Quras. Thanks to the thoughtful security system and the lack of intermediaries, the work will be really effective, transparent and lucrative for both parties.

How to get Tokens
In addition to the standard version with an acquisition of the required number of coins, the creators of the project are ready to please their clients’ innovative solutions-Intraplatform games, awards for the active development of the project. With this approach, you will be able to monetize your efforts and get a certain number of tokens.

Why the project is worthy of investor attention
It is worth considering several factors that can affect the choice of investors. People are willing to believe developers, taking into account the features of their decentralized platform:

The platform is really decentralized, users can apply open source code to create their own applications. Quras offers the same conditions of cooperation for all clients;
User Data protection. In this case, the platform proposes to use the affordable benefits of a block, as well as intellectual contracts to guarantee the full security of the user’s important information;

Bonuses for customers. Everyone will be able to contribute to a systematic development platform to get a reward in the form of a domestic currency project; Innovative technologies. Now each transaction will be maximal fast, effective and secure, the parties can rely on mutually beneficial cooperation. Developers are confident that the decentralized platform Quras will enjoy popularity in today’s world.

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