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Quantocoin – It is unlikely that the period when cryptocurrency will leave the market. Surely banks have been waiting for this moment, but now they have to think about how to integrate Blockchain technology into their activities. Agree that it would be much easier if we had the opportunity to dispose of cryptocurrency not only by removing the digital currency into the Fiat and a further payment of goods and services but also the digital currency itself. Having on the phone internet-banking we could pay cryptocurrency for any of our needs. This topic is devoted to today’s review.
My attention was drawn to the project, which took up the introduction of innovations in the field of financial services, through the introduction of Blockchain technology in the banking sector. 

Let’s look at how the introduction of Blockchain technology into financial services is useful. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency attract considerable attention. By using this technology, transactions become safe and fast. Blockchain technology is much more interesting than applications that are used by banking realms at this time. Integration of Blockchain technology with payment systems, which exist, is of great importance, as cashless payments due to the introduction of this technology will become much safer and faster.

Many banking services are vulnerable. Failure to adopt Blockchain technology may lead to non-competitiveness in the financial services market. Of course, many banks are more or less coping with their core tasks, but change has come and Blockchain, a decentralized platform that has shown us all that the banks have been doing for centuries, can be simpler Safer and more reliable.
It itself represents a platform that will allow financial transactions to be carried out.  Quantocoin Thanks to the introduction of technology in the sphere of banking services we will have the opportunity to pay cryptocurrency. The problem with the horse commissions in the withdrawal of the Fiat funds will also be solved.
The ability to send cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world will be open to us, it will be enough to have on the phone internet banking quantocoin.
So, to summarize the above, Quantocoin has a number of advantages, such as:
1. Fast transfers from any point of the world;
2. Low commissions for transactions;
3. Ability to track transactions;
4. High security of personal data;
5. Maximum accelerated cashing of funds.

Very soon you will have the opportunity to download and have on your smartphone with a lot of additional and useful features.
1. Qtcbeacon – is a device powered by a battery, or a USB-connector, which will emit.
2. NFC-contactless communication, which is supported between two devices for the exchange of information with the terminal.
3. QR Code – is the information encoded in the image, which is easily readable by a smartphone.
Token and ICO details
QTCT is a token that is released on the basis of the Waves platform.
Token name – Quantocoin
Symbol – QTCT
Token cost-$1.2
Softcap-$3 million
Hardcap-70 000 000 $
Accepted – BTC, ETH, Fiat means

Quantocoin You hold your bank in the palm of your hand-this is the slogan you can meet on the official website. In fact, so it is, thanks to this project, you will be allowed to make a large number of necessary operations, without leaving the house. Blockchain technology is a reliable database. Because thanks to this technology all the functions will be transparent, the adoption of this technology will simplify the lives of many of us, because thanks to quantocoin you have the opportunity to:
 Exchange Instant cryptocurrency in Fiat funds;
 Online purchase of necessary goods;
 Payment of online games;
 Instant international transfers;
 High transaction speed.
Only you decide on what project to invest, but this project has great potential and necessary tasks to improve the scope of banking services.

Website: https://www.quantocoin.io
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