PROFEDE Bringing Power Back to The Professional User, with Blockchain

PROFEDE Current professionals in the ecosystem, “intermediary ” is the maker of the software that uses the user data they (professionals) for sale to businesses that pay large amounts of capital in return. During these exchanges of professionals do not receive any, except the service itself. This is the scenario of losing-lost for professionals and businesses, while traditional professional network and intermediary recruitment are becoming richer in the process.

Market opportunities the recruitment of professional and social, market sales totaling nearly $1,000 billion, is broken. The business is currently competing with intermediaries between recruitment and sales. Sales recruitment and social platforms that exist today (e.g., Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo) wear outrageous fees to businesses trying to find a buyer or candidates but the professionals do not receive any compensation for it. More and more businesses are paid to the intermediaries, professionals felt more distracted and not feeling satisfied. Businesses ultimately did not benefit from their investment and professionals finally receives a lot of things that is not to say, creating a loss-loss

Great online recruitment and social professional sales business also lost a very large market opportunity because they are not motivated to optimize the business value chain-professionals, professionals, recruiters and candidates. Instead, these businesses are working tirelessly to maximize the return on their own by providing real added value for professionals, while they keep their professional dataset behind the Park covered by fragmented networks and exclusive.

The centralized professional network currently prevents the growth of the market because it is not optimized for professional relationships-professional and professional.
Introducing Profede
Professionals should have control over who can receive their professional data and how others can use it. Our decentralized ecosystem of professional help you get compensation for your data, create an intermediary is not required. Provide is the next generation of data privacy professionals. Thanks to the blockchain, you can ensure your data is protected.
Solutions Offered Profede
 scalable Search through large data sets.
 data privacy and anonymity.
 the incentive to participate in recruitment and sales market.
 Professional Profiles and rankings of professional feedback.

In the Protocol Profede, direct marketing to business professionals and professionals to upload their data and can obtain the token PATO as the exchange for this data.
The vision of professional decentralized ecosystem is achieved by making the Protocol a public professional profile in the Save blockchain Ethereum, along with encrypted contact information that can be opened only by authorized partners or owners.

PROFEDE This protocol uses the power of a strong traditional online recruitment, pre-standard width to produce and share user data and a wide range of internet, but eliminating the barriers that traditionally exist in the professional market that already There is, as a violation of privacy, the data source is not reliable, and most importantly from and networks. allows large and small businesses to participate in an open ecosystem. Our innovative decentralized technology is driven by market professionals, which means that businesses can optimize their investment in social recruitment and sales with tangible results. Professionals are given the incentive to participate while maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of data in the hands of each party.

Advantages For Professionals
“Professional’s” refers to professional users typically have their professional profile on Linkedin, as well as social networking and another professional job portal.

 Professional will be able to control their own data: they decided to access their data and parts.
 Professional will get a compensation in the token to the disclosure of their data.
 the professionals set the price and anyone wants to do easily, every time there is a business that deals with them.
 Professional has a professional profile and rank feedback portable. They don’t have to rely on a centralized platform.
Benefits For Business
“Business ” refers to companies that are targeting professionals for any recruitment, sales, or social purpose business collaboration.
 business will save you money and time. Targeted selection of professionals who are willing to respond to facilitate communication, save money and ensure the company.
 business does not need to buy an expensive service package. They just buy back the access they use and ask what they need to do, in a way that is simple, accurate, and efficient.
 Business can see professional feedback assessment prior to deciding whether to make contact or not.
 Business has a professional profile is verified for the accessible community.

Advantages For Applications
“Application ” refers to applications, websites, vertical platform, and decided to use the Profede Protocol. Among the other examples, they can be the portal work, professional networking, business recruitment, headhunter, software vendors and service providers.
 the application will have a “machine” that is perfect for giving incentives to the professionals to join their platforms: the possibility of compensating in the token.
 applications do not need to restart their networks from scratch. They can combine all professional Profane and began offering services to a large number of users.
 applications can develop applications and business models to support professional decentralized Protocol.
 the application gets an extra source of income because they get a token each time the business contact one of its users.

Token PATO
The information added by the professionals to the network is very valuable for companies that are looking for qualified candidates and professionals with whom to engage in new business opportunities. Profesionalkelompokkeluarpribadi-including the range is available to companies who are interested in it that will be forged. The purchase of Intangibles will in the form of a token, which is called the Professional Activity of the TOken (P), and it will be professional and business that have control over the currency. In addition to functioning as the recognition system to unblock private data professional, PATO can be exchanged for other services offered by the various organizations using protocols, such as recruitment service to the company, analysis services data, and many others.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 1 June 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin
The price of a Token 1 P = $0.01
Total Supply the Token 6 billion P

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