Prime X – Digital Payment Tool That Will be Used in the Future

PrimeX – Agree that it is extremely difficult to imagine our modern world without money. How would we interact with each other if we didn’t? Of course, money is a certain equivalent of value that corresponds to a particular product or service. Of course, money has its own history and historical path of development, and what we have now has nothing to do with the money that was thousands of years ago.

Modern society becomes technological, fast and rapidly developing, therefore, the money must meet all the above requirements. But as we all can see, not all aspects of the financial part can correspond to these points. For Example, it takes too long to transfer paper money from one part of the country to another. As their transportation will be carried out physically by means of some transport.

Over time, experts have solved this problem and invented digital money, in order to classic transactions to transfer money from one region of the country to another, no longer occupied a lot of time. So There were ATMs, bank cards and other means of online payments and money transfers from one place to another. But Despite the entire working model in the world of finance again arose a problem. The Problem of money security of their cost and transparency of use, resulting in a new type of money-cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is also digital money, but it is protected by a powerful block of the chain, allowing to carry out all transactions safely, reliably and most importantly transparently. This principle of work allows to solve a number of problems, and also to exclude a large number of intermediaries and to reduce commission charges for money transfers of usual “digital money” which in turn use the unprotected centralized type Data transmission.

As you already know cryptocurrency is a rather young direction and a relatively new technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity among the masses of the population, as well as among the high-tech society. Consequently, the market of cryptocurrency is not yet fully formed and it lacks a large number of infrastructural units that would allow simplifying the use of cryptocurrency in the masses of society. Therefore, for many professionals, the question remains open, how to communicate properly with each other, so that all participants of the parties get maximum benefit?! So Our today’s draft idea of which we will consider is born.

About the Project
PrimeX is a new global decentralized platform, which strives to unite the resources of cryptocurrency with banking activities in order to improve the quality of interaction between these two systems and they could work with each other Directly with minimum time and commission costs.

PrimeX is a complex of tools and functions available both for the standard user and for the professional of cryptocurrency (traders, investors). Thus, PrimeX is ready to offer us a new ecosystem for the interaction of all people, starting from sellers, ending with consumers, without resorting to services of the third parties.

Project Features
As a matter Of fact, PrimeX will serve as a platform for the exchange of digital currencies, both crypto, and faith. No matter what type of currency will participate in the currency pair. The Main task of PrimeX is to provide a reliable and highest level of security, as well as reliability at all stages of the transaction while minimizing the time of execution of the operation and protect it from all possible burglary. All this and many other things you can find in PrimeX.

Once PrimeX appears before us as an exchange platform, it means that it will naturally be available for trading, as one without the other, as you already know, cannot exist. Moreover, the technical component of the PrimeX platform is designed in such a way that in the future it can easily cope with the emerging demand and possible overload of the system. Therefore, to make all processes happen quickly, and qualitatively they increased their data processing capacity of more than 1 million operations per second. That naturally distinguishes them from a number of competitors present in the market of such services.

But that’s not what we’re going to do. Also within PrimeX will be available:

Marginal and stop trading;
Multilingual technical support;
Strong and intuitive interface;
and many other things.

ICO Details
Like any other Exchange platform, PrimeX will also have its own internal token, PXC. In Total for development of the project developers will start 200 million coins, each of which is developed on Blockchain with algorithm X11, PoS & Master node.

The public sale will allocate only 150 million coins, with an initial value of 0.2 USD. Surprisingly, the sum of the Hard cap of PrimeX is not so high and only 6 million US dollars. Does it Say that they already have some part of the capital or they do not need so much money to complete their work?! I Do not know, nevertheless, the fact remains.

of Course, we have already met a similar kind of platform and sometimes do not even know which of them we choose to satisfy us on all necessary parameters. Nevertheless, the increased demand gives rise to the offer, and therefore PrimeX has a chance to win the love of the audience, rendering qualitative services on the exchange of cryptocurrency on usual fiat currencies in any corner of our world.

But in order to consolidate the above-described material, I recommend personally meet with the project in more detail. To do this, you will need only a small portion of the official PrimeX resources and its technical documentation. The most useful links are waiting for you downstairs, and this concludes my review. Glad was to be useful, good luck!

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