Pozess – Good afternoon, my dear subscribers and friends! Today we will talk about such a direction as trading on the Internet. Yes, the theme is very interesting and attractive in the first place. Since, today, users for the most part order everything, as well as all buy online. It’s at least simpler and more relevant than going shopping and trying to find something really right. Also, there is a factor that shopping through the network is much more profitable and cheaper than, for example, in real stores, as there is no commission for the storage of goods in the warehouse store and the contents of the store itself in general.

Now, I suggest you look at it all on the other side. As you can understand, not one sphere not to go without any problems, and here, the modern system of trade brings some not joyful tidings. And so, the first problem that I would like to highlight is not honesty in this area.

After all, fraudsters are also going to get personal data of users or take their money, when paying for goods. So, the same bad system of tracking the goods or simply incorrect information that comes from the sender. As well as the possibility of forgery of this information. As you can see, this is just the tip of the iceberg and what is hidden inside. Pozess The problems are full and they need to be solved. The other day I got an interesting project that uses modern technologies to solve this problem. Now we will just look at it. This project is called Pozess.

About the project:
Pozess – In its essence, this project is aimed at the realization of electronic commerce with the help of blockchain technology. As you can understand, this technology is more and more used in our modern times. Many spheres have started to implement this technology, to improve the management of their business projects, as well as processes in general. This project mainly presents to all users a huge opportunity, which gives the opportunity to represent their products, just posting his photos, in fact, as advertising. Users can also find what they really need, and most importantly it is the usability of the platform and ease of use.

The developers of this project have been studying the market for a long time, and they already have a ready-made project that is already functioning well enough. Also interesting is the fact that due to the use of technology blockchain grows the reliability of the field. After all, using the technology blockchain user data are safe, as all information about transactions is displayed openly and Pozess there is no way to replace it or how to falsify. This is a very important factor. Also, I would like to note that with the help of this project many sellers will be able to realize themselves and simply to find their buyer, at the expense of this platform. At the same time, the buyer will be able to find for himself what previously could not meet in ordinary stores. At the same time, due to the technologies will be increased security, which is very important for any user of the network.
Now, I would like to tell about the sale of this project:

The token of this project will be called: PZS.
It is planned to release PZS tokens: 1 080 000 000 PZS tokens.
For sale from the total amount will go 540 000 000 tokens PZS.
The maximum target of sales in dollar equivalent will be 40 000 000 USD.
The commencement of closed sales will begin in the month of November two thousand and eighteen years.

Website : https://pozess.io
Whitepaper: https://www.pozess.com/ico/uploads/PozessWhitePaper.pdf
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