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Pozess  The concept of the project; Token sale; What is the site created for In recent years there has been a digital revolution, the importance of which is important for the development of Internet projects. With the technology of Blockchain began a revolution in the world of finance, communications, agriculture. Now blockchain gives everyone the opportunity to benefit, participate and be an equal partner in the new ecosystem of social and financial applications.
The concept of the Project
Pozess is a social marketplace with photos that help you instantly link buyers and sellers, allowing users to find unique products for business and personal use around the world. In Pozess the community of users is under control and receives a reward in the form of cryptocurrency for assistance in the development of the network. The team of pozess gathered highly qualified professionals to achieve an important goal, namely to become a leader in the sphere of cryptocurrency social commerce. Online electronic commerce is expected to reach 4.8 trillion over the next 3-4 years. US dollars and will continue to grow. While the market of applications on the basis of blockchain technology is underdeveloped, and the share of online markets based on cryptocurrency is below 1%. Pozess is a revolutionary decentralized model of the social trading platform. There was created a coin-it is PZS, that is cryptocurrency, which provides social participation and transactions of electronic commerce on the platform Pozess. 
On the platform, users receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency for actions such as sending messages and photos; Exchange of information; Commenting Links and adding new companies, as well as photos of products from their sites. More than 3 billion people are using social networks, and it is projected that 4.88 trillion dollars will be spent on retail e-commerce around the world by the 2021 year. It is expected that by the 2022 year alone the market for clothes and accessories will reach 713 billion dollars. This is due to the fact that with the use of smartphones and the introduction of the broadband Internet continues the rapid growth of social networking and online commerce. Pozess provides an adaptive mobile (Android and IOS) and P2P web platform for the interaction of buyers and sellers in the social environment. Pozess conducts each transaction without long-term contracts or upfront expenses. Pozess The financial value created by the online market using cryptocurrency tokens may include network members such as bloggers, Influencers, Merchants and Shoppers to create a fair and proportional share in value. The use of smart contracts eliminates the intermediary in direct financial transactions.

Token Sale
Services and goods within the system are exchanged for their own tokens. The main plan for the 2019 year is to improve the product as well as to attract users. The Platform creators plan to expand the user base to 8 million over the next five years. The token sale plan is:
PZS issued as a pozess service token;
Total coins issued-1 080 000 000 USD (100%);
Used in the sale of tokens-540 000 000 USD (50%);
Sale of tokens Hard Cap-40 000 000 USD;
At the same time, private sales start in November 2018. and the pre-sale of tokens begins in the January 2019 year. Those participants who were first can get discounts of up to 30%.

What is the site created forUnlike other digital offerings that do not have a real token generation, pozess is a proposal that is based not on an idea or concept, but on a functional product with a well-thought-out business plan and supported by an experienced Team that has been researching the market for the last 3 years, developing MVP and receiving user feedback. The platform has become the world’s first social market, designed to give users and sellers the opportunity to find, buy and sell exclusive accessories and products for life created by the community of users at the international Level. It is the only decentralized platform that encourages exhibitors and offers retailers to present their products simply by adding their image. 

Pozess  The project effectively acts as an advertising platform and helps sellers find their audience. Since 2015, the team is developing a solution for the online market, which arose when they realized that the problem of such markets is very serious. Existing markets give consumers a false sense of choice and diversity. The level of trust and reliability in them is extremely low, and the entrance barrier for sellers is extremely high. Complex listing processes, fake reviews, high fees and low margins coupled with the demands of intermediaries have made it impossible for small and medium businesses to survive. It was necessary to decide how to reduce the initial costs, establish trust, confirm identity, make transactions without intermediaries and provide the means to attract consumers to participate in the creation of the social community. The solution was the use of blockchain technology. Pozess represents a service token called PZS that uses the blockchain protocol and smart contracts to create a trusted transaction log and integrate consumers, sellers, and partners into a single ecosystem. The Pozess mission is as follows:

• Help little-known businesses find their audience in a simple and economical way;
• Helping consumers find new products in fashion and lifestyle from around the world;
• Reduce or eliminate fraud on the online market;
• Improving the presentation of goods, allowing sellers to find their goods;
• Share profits and give participants a sense of responsibility for helping to create a network;
• Reduce the difficulty of listing and providing services that help you succeed in your business.

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