PodOne is the “Contact Center of the Future”.

PodOne Some of the biggest problems facing contact centers include exorbitant technological costs; complex and costly workforce; lack of work experience; And the solution of service-related problems. The Podone team, which has received the Fenero Award, is already successfully engaged in technological issues of the industry, finding a way to solve problems of personnel management by creating a decentralized platform for learning, resource sharing Within the network and automatic Payment distribution.

Podone is a decentralized, self-contained human resources management system that integrates a common contact center organization to optimize customer and business interactions. Through Podone, human resources are leased to the entire network to provide the necessary personnel for customer service. The Podone network creates a talent market that provides greater productivity and greater value for business.
The simple interface allows contact centers to have access to a multitude of representatives with the “downtime” required to perform their tasks.

Idle time Management
On the employer’s side, the interface offered by Podone allows companies to “hold an auction” with the downtime of their employees, distributing resources they do not use, companies in need of additional assistance, and maximizing capital.
This means that companies that correctly use the Podone resource pool can transform what once was a drastic waste of time and money for employees to maximize both.

Contact center
Contact centers across the country will be given access to a database of available employees who are currently available for use in standby mode to address a variety of tasks for which they are suitable. For employers using Podone, this is an incredibly versatile feature; Elastic staffing allows employers to look for specific unemployed employees who are best suited to accomplish their task.

Crypto Technology
As in many modern business platforms Kriptotehnologij, Podone is equipped with its own integration with block chains, as well as a unique cryptocurrency for companies that will use. The blockade provides the safe decentralization inherent in any blockchain technology, while the system of “tokens and wallets” provides businesses around the world with a single currency to be used, simplifying transactions and Optimizing interactions at the financial level.

When will crowdsale
The 1st stage of our sales of tokens will begin on January 15, 2018 at 12:00 et on February 15, 2018 at 12:00 et, where up to 20% of the total will be available for purchase with a 100% bonus. , Phase 2 of our token sales will begin on March 1, 2018, at 12:00 ET. This will end when the maximum limit is reached ETH or March 31, 2018 at 12:00 ET, whichever comes first.

For those who saw the financial potential of a unique system,  PodOne ICO allows for speculators to invest in companies in Exchange for ETH shares ultimately profit. With what seems like there is a hat a hat and investor significant 6,000 ETH, lack of investors is currently making a strong candidate for the ICO interest in crypto-investors.
Currently, one-year road map displayed on the company’s website provides an introduction to potential investors an in-depth look at the plans of the makers of the interface, especially where monetization and returns are concerned. Minimum contribution is only 1 ETH, which makes participation in this growing market possible for investors with small capital available.
PodOne trying to solve one of the major problems of the business model of the 21st century. As business began to expand, the idle hours by employees creating massive budget concerns, employees waste time and money from the employer. By PodOne, decentralized platforms in crypto-blockchain allows companies the opportunity to take advantage of decentralized technology and a sophisticated API for minimizing standby hour and maximize efficiency.

In general, the idea is incredible, we need to give Don time to enter the market and see how it can enter into alliances with companies, increasing its market power. Since Podone is a support Center for several companies

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