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PlayGame – Computer games for the last 20 years have become commonplace. But from the moment of their appearance, it was very desirable to “fight” not with bots, but with their friends. At that time the Internet was a slow and expensive pleasure, so the problem was solved by the local network and computer centers, where it was possible to play for a separate hourly fee on the computer. But it’s okay when you’re all from one yard/area or city small. And if you live in different parts of the city or even posted in the area and do not have the opportunity to come and play on LAN? The internet comes to the rescue.

Over time, the quality of Internet service providers grew, the cost decreased, and the opportunity to play online. Later appeared online games. But what’s the problem? If you play offline games over the Internet, you need everyone to install this game on your computer. If you take an online site, the game was partly on the central server, but still part of the game is also skachivalas on the computer. But it was possible to play remotely with your friends and strangers. But “Zaezzhennost ” The plot of online games added his spoon tar. However, online games attract young people more and more.
But progress does not stand still, with the advent of blockchain appeared the opportunity to create new gaming platforms that have their own features. Now we are talking about one such platform-PlayGame.

What is the peculiarity of this platform?
This game platform is created specifically for HTML5 games, and they will be uploaded to the cloud server directly from their desktop, ie, one computer will act as a server. Other players will not be forced to install the game. For the game just connect to the platform PlayGame and join the computer server. In fact, we get a hybrid of the local network and online games, combining all the advantages of both, while built on Blokchejne. As a server will be able to perform not only the computer but also a regular smartphone. Therefore, the site allows you to play online not only in computer games but also in mobile games.
And yes, the platform will run its own PXG token, designed to purchase paid content, as well as any other monetary operations on the platform.

Let’s take a separate advantage for the “distributors ” and for the regular players.

for “Distributors “, or those who create their servers, it is a great opportunity to earn: for the very fact of using your computer as a server, for creating paid content, creating a virtual economy. Blockchain technology will provide security and prevent possible fraud both from the player’s side and from the “dispenser ” side.
Players will be able to receive rewards during the game and when they join the clans, will be able to purchase virtual and real goods for PXG tokens. PXG tokens will be traded on stock exchanges.
The project of the playground is very young, but the plans are grandiose. Already in October this year will be launched test demo-mode on the site, and in January 2019 the platform goes into beta mode. In the 3rd quarter of 2019 there will be a global start, which starts in China and Japan, and then goes to the rest of the world.

PlayGame In parallel, the pre-sale of Pxg tokens starts on September 10 and runs until September 24. The main stage of sales will last until October 22. On the pre-sale for 1 jefirium will give 18 thousand, after which the price rises, and for 1 eth you can buy only 15 thousand. The sale of Pxg tokens will be conducted for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and tokenomy (TEN).
To summarize, I can say that it is not really the first playground on the blockchain. Now there are several online games on Blokchejne, other platforms are being developed. But all these sites are either developed under primitive games and rather resemble casinos. Online games on Blokchejne also not super plot and graphics. Here we have a ready solution, but at the same time giving a full variety of genres on the same site. Plus it’s a great opportunity to earn a home PC.

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