PITCH The Future Of Opportunity For Entrepeneurs and startups

PITCH is the Platform investors live and planned projection which is planned for a benchmark-based blockchain. Pitch also allows innovative entrepreneurs to immediately launch a token sales and sold some token through the offer directly to experienced business experts. The audience directly involved have the ability to participate actively by leaving questions and comments of their own in the field, and also direct and easy to buy tokens for any project that interests them.

The application of Pitch Investors Live is available in iOS App Store. This will connect employers not affiliated or project teams who want to sell benchmark blockchain as a method of capital accumulation to prospective customers. Potential customers can ask entrepreneurs or teams to submit their products and explain the benefits, costs, risks, and other relevant information via live streaming video. Simultaneously, other application users can watch and participate via text. This Pitch application does not support or recommend any entrepreneur or team project. Its function is to provide an easier way for project teams to connect with prospective investors.

With the Pitch project will look at the main parts are decentralized, and in the end it was meant to move all the projects to a decentralized system like the Ethereum and IPFS. The reason for this is to ensure that everyone can present their project to the world and sell him a token, beyond censorship even our team.

Benefits Platform Pitch
The purpose of the Pitch is to reduce friction and move goods faster for all parties who wish to participate in the sale of the token and creates a fair neutral platform that expose and highlight the major projects and encourage discussion the public about the advantages and disadvantages they in a manner easily understood by normal people and non-technical. We want this discussion is presented in such a way that people want to see it as an educational experience even if they are not interested in this project. Non-technical people will now have the opportunity to buy tokens from the project they like, and gives opportunity to entrepreneurs and project teams to reach out to these people as potential customers. The project also provided an opportunity to Pitch to the entrepreneurs and project team to present to the experts, in front of an audience. More impressive project that can easily be identified in the form of videos and especially if people are intelligent and savvy asking the right questions.

Benefits Platform Pitch Investors Live. Here are some areas that we believe can be developed:
Lower the barrier to entry.
Allow the participation of the audience in a round of funding.
Allows multiple opportunities to be promoted by the employers.
Allows access to a large number of potential investors.
Platform PITCH Investors Live
Platform Pitch Investors Live is a software product that is already accessible from iOS applications, and finally from the web and Android devices. This allows the entrepreneur to make a brief summary about their product or business, which our users can be easily strained to find the items they are interested in. The next step is for the prospect of potential sales to invite entrepreneurs to do pitch live via the platform. During a live broadcast to other applications, users can watch as members of the audience. This platform also rebroadcasts “is the show’s” live Live to Facebook and YouTube (coming soon). Recordings are stored on YouTube.

The following sections explain the main features of the platform Pitch Investors Live now:
Entrepreneurs can make a summary of the PITCH.
Users scan select the project that they want to learn.
Employers were told that they had the opportunity to stay on the PITCH.
Entrepreneurs Pitch other users through live video, in front of an audience.
All users see a list of deals.
A note about paid features.
Repair Platform PITCH Investors Live
After the end of the sale of tokens, we will fix some improvements done on the Platform Pitch Investors Live. The following sections explain some of which are:
The purchase token mechanism in the application.
Gifts for the contributor.

PITCH Token Sale
The Name Token: PITCH
Symbol: PITCH
Total Token: 1.618 billion PITCH
We will be offering 20% of the amount of the limited token through a series of eight (8) rounds, each offering the same token amount. Each round will have a fixed price which is higher than the previous round. When a token is available for the first round are all sold, the second round will begin, and so on until all tokens sold.

Token Publishing PITCH
The total number of tokens: 1.618 billion PITCH.
For sale before the sale of tokens: 5% of the initial inventory valued at $20 million.
Token sales: 20% of the initial inventory.
Operating: 20%: business development, incentives for partners, marketing initiatives.
Team, advisory, Legal & Bounties: 25%.
PITCH rewards (issued to experts on-platform): 30% (20% from the rest of the tokens that are issued each year).

Website : https://tokens.pitch.ventures
WhitePaper : https://tokens.pitch.ventures/#whitepaper
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