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PHOTOCHAIN – At this time we are living in an era of innovative web 3.0 that enables the global human network, with the help of high data availability and high data throughput. The use of technology blockchain system allows peer-to-peer (p2p) operates safely and securely, without requiring a central authority. This technology opens up new horizons for architecture and software applications. Provides a list of transactions that are safe and can be verified are available to all users at any given time. With so-called Smart Contracts, technology blockchain ethereum opens the possibility to check the correct compliance against the digital deal with using the machine. Therefore, the conditions for the completion of the smart contract is fulfilled only if both parties have fulfilled part of their digital contract. Thus, the machine is not leaves room for a dangerous distraction. The flexibility of the language of the Ethereum ‘ Solidity ‘ facilitate the application of the many use cases, the use of which until not long ago regarded as utopian.

P2p platform with Photochain, we released a new concept as the next generation of platform stock photography. We use this technology to allow a fair p2p trading between digital works between artists and buyers.

Thus, the terms of use specific to this platform, ensuring secure trade, the process is not complicated and is fair for both parties. Moreover, artists receive up to 95% of the final sale price.

The Mission Of The Project Photochain
Photochain gives a clear advantage compared to conventional stock photos for both types of users: contributors and customers. Contributor on Photochain benefit from very low cost-just 5% of the selling price. Opportunity to retain 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their work cheaper, and as a result the market is becoming more affordable for customers. This type of reasonable market not only benefits the user, but should also benefit the photography industry as a whole, because of the possibility of increased income contributed to its contribution to perform better.

Profound market change is only possible with the use of blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, machine learning and community of users Photochain own. Most of the processes being automated and decentralized, significantly reducing the cost of governance platform. Can not be denied that more and more stock photography contributors and customers will prefer to use Photochain.

Development of the Photochain platform is a process which is ambitious and growing organically. Our main goal for this project is under the three branches are important:
1. The P2P market – very important for those of us that only the artists themselves can determine the value of their work and they are given the opportunity to offer their work to many potential buyers. Our platform delivers these opportunities are realized by using the synergies of Blockchain technology and machine learning.
2. Economics of crypto-Photochain Platform appeals to a broad audience that currently has still not adopted the technology blockchain and cryptocurrency. Use case “Photochain ” can attract an audience. GUI and trading process are easy to use and supports the onboarding process facilitates Economic Crypto becoming mainstream.
3. Photochain Digital Copyright Chain: DCC-as long as the project progresses, more and more artists will be able to strengthen the copyright to use the Photochain platform, because their work would be associated with his name. This link is manifested as Ethereal and in block transactions can therefore be viewed by all users at any time. This means the ownership of the artist over a picture can be accounted for. The database with all the links to come true has been built with a decentralized way.

Platform Photochain
With all the platform stock photography that exists today, the only way for security in transactions is through the control center. Compared to that, we created a platform that works independently, safely and efficiently on the basis of rules set.

We are developing Photochain DApp in blockchain Ethereum. In addition, Photochain also use computer vision (machine learning) to meet the requirements of technology stock photography.

Photochain DApp is a platform where artists have the opportunity to sell their works to a broad audience with the prices they charge, and where sellers are also fully responsible for works they sell themselves. Team Photochain has no responsibility or liability for the illegal behavior of the seller. This means that the artist responsible for the legality of the work that he’s selling, and are fully responsible for illegal activities. Photochain however, will uphold the copyright protection of users, by preventing unauthorized photography sales.

The Advantages Of This Platform:
Security-Blockchain allows a secure transaction and fully verifiable for buyers and sellers. You can trust your work.
Decentralized digital works are encrypted and stored in the database is decentralized. There are no major businesses that control the photography that you upload.
DApp-content will be used exclusively for the trade of photography. We use a bot to make sure only acceptable content listed.
Copyright-your work is permanently associated with your identity across the blockchain. And machine learning plus our active community, protect you from fraud.
PHOTON is a useful means of tokens used in Photochain Ecosystems. Each type of transactions on the platform will require the use of Token PHOTON. The case of a photon is the Token:

Access to services platform Photochain
Appreciate the completion of claims
Put on “the pre-eminent photographer “-section
Delivery service from Photochain partners (such as peer collaboration we 1World)
Be shown in the search results
Other Microservices, which will facilitate future Photochain Ecosystem
Recognition system
And services for photographers
The number of tokens of a PHOTON will be strictly limited by the Hard Cap stated. After Crowdsale, an additional 21% Token PHOTON will be reserved for the team, Advisory Board, partners Photochain and legals. After this event, there is no other PHOTON Token to be issued.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales March 25-May 25, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin
5,882 Token price PHT/1 ETH
A total of 230 million Token Supply PHT

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