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PHIToken will allow investment in all asset classes and investment vehicles including crypto assets. The aim is to provide clients with a fully digital platform to manage all of your savings and investments. This platform will be a Hybrid Pltaform for investment, in other words, the digital process management with experienced professionals to client interaction.

How does the Process work Platforms PHIToken?
There are three main function PHIToken to increase value from time to time:
1.PHIToken ™ as a stock: any person who wishes to use component platform for free, (all asset managers, financial planners and investors) should have and crippling PHIToken.
2.PHIToken as payment: hybrid investment Platform and financial software that is developed will accept payment at PHIToken which offers cash 30%, so as to encourage people to pay the Token instead of fatty money;
3.PHIToken Buy back and Balance: 15% of the cost of the performance generated by the platform and 50% of the annual tax return resulting from the payment of taxes in Malta (corresponding to 15% EBIDTA company) will be used to buy PHIToken in the exchange and be eliminated, to create the effect of scarcity that will produce continuous growth over time.

The platform of the PHI will also solve the problem of critical wealth management industry because of the following reasons:
1.This will reduce the commercial supply chains through digitization and lower the costs of the provision of investment services.
2.This will allow you to invest in some of the investment vehicles, including the assets of Crypto is a fantastic investment opportunity.
3. This will create a comparison between Managers and Asset Managers the richness by stimulating competition and therefore get a better rate of return for customers.
PHIToken this company has organized the Token Generation Event to issue tokens PHI, wanted to create a new model for the distribution of financial services and Wealth Management who really revolutionized the flow.

Financial services can be provided in various ways, ranging from anonymous bulletins to massive with a tip about the securities to be purchased or sold, ranging from the online platform for the analysis and comparison of financial instruments, to the specific consulting services According to the needs of individual customers, and then extend the services to the asset management investment through managed accounts individually or collectively managed accounts, called the omnibus account.

Investment instruments can be distinguished in the investment products like mutual funds and Sicavs (investment company variable capital), alternative funds such as AIF or PIF or pure investment instruments such as equity securities or securities.

The idea to associate PHIToken is a natural consequence of strong belief to paralyze financial consultant long chain and long, who want to innovate in the distribution of financial services by placing at the Centre of Financial consultants, asset managers and especially the consumer end as investors seek and expect returns higher quality.

Token PHI will allow investors from around the world to access the premium service that is dedicated only to the holder of the Token, to purchase with discount 30% of different types of services such as financial newsletter on traditional securities and assets Crypto, get ranked bonds, equities, funds and crypto, always buy discount 30% of the consulting services offered by Where Partners or its partners or consultants.

Management Of Assets Of PHI
Hybrid platform for Hybrid combines a lot of value Investing, which allows managers of assets, Wealth Managers and Financial Planners to be able to open one or more path management to support their customers, but also to Getting customers that are not followed by Financial Planners and who will invest their money with the use of the only platform that allows professional money investment even in developing countries. Crypto-Asset asset classes through financial products related to this instrument.

Fully digital platform will become the core of this project, because it is truly innovative in the business model, in the complete opening to some Bank Deposits, some Managers of assets and therefore, different management styles, some Advisers Finance, almost complete financial instruments from around the world, in a nutshell, 360 degree platform that is truly capable of satisfying not only the needs of private customers and consumers, but also the needs of HNWI customers of institutions that can allocate their assets by selecting from hundreds of different asset managers with very competitive. the cost. possibility to escape and turn in one day, instead of months.

PHIToken Sale
The Symbol Token: PHI
Total Supply: 24,157,817.00 PHI
Soft Cap: 1 million USD
Hard Cap: 14,930,352 PHI

PRE-ICO at the START: March 3, 2018
Join the first Wealth Management market combines traditional and world financial crypto towards the new rate of return and a higher and better ways to invest in the long term.
Event Token Generation (TGE) will be in three stages:
Pre-sales: the maximum number of 3,524,578 Token.
Pre-ICO: 3,524,578 maximum number of Tokens with a discount of 21%.
ICO: 7,881,196 the maximum number of Tokens will be available.

Pre-Sale: Closed
The number of PHIToken in Pre-Sale: 3,524,578 PHI
Start date: March 3, Pre ICO 2018 PHI
The number of PHIToken in Pre-ICO: 3,524,578 PHI
The minimum amount in the Pre-ICO: 1 ETH
The duration of the Pre ICO: until March 8, 2018
Discount price: 21%
Options for early termination: Yes, after ordering the 3,524,578 Token
Possibility of booking contract in Pre-ICO: Yes
PHIToken ICO start date: March 8, 2018
The number of Token PHI in ICO: 7,881,196
Time period: until 21 March ICO 2018
Options for early termination: when reaching a 14,930,352 Token (hard cap)
PHIToken ordered to Airdrop after 6 months: 1,346,269 PHI
PHIToken are reserved for the management team: 1,346,269 PHI
The minimum amount in the ICO: No Minimum
Number of Tokens: issued 24,157,817.00 PHI PHI
The adjustment can be adjusted: tokens that are not sold or that are not filled in will be destroyed.
The issue of further Token: token, one problem not in the ICO
A secure method to purchase Tokens: only ETH
Mincap: 1 million USD, all funds will be returned
Token distribution supported: no later than 5 April 2018
Event Token Generation (activation date) 5 April 2018

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