PeruCoin, The ICO that Will Change PERU

Perucoin is a new generation of innovative cryptocurrency platform, which is created with the purpose of providing knowledge about cryptocurrency to Peruvian population by means of excursions to the factory, where they can estimate technical possibilities and work of mining Equipment in action and at conferences. Perucoin plans to achieve this by enlightening and raising awareness of the general population of Peru about the advantages and security of blockchain technology and the acceptance of digital currencies.

Ideally, perucoin involves stimulating the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru, based on the interaction between public education and the interaction of blockchain technology and asset management.

The main task of perucoin in the short term-the acquisition of the plant, which will later be converted into a mining farm. In addition, the company strives to strengthen and stimulate the widespread of cryptocurrency among Peruvians. Through a mining farm, Perucoin strives to become the world’s most modern crypto-mining platform, utilizing the potential of blockchain technology. The platform intends to bring large financial payments to its investors, PERU token holders and participating traders, and will also provide top-notch offers to Peruvians.

The main goal of Perucoin
The main purpose of Perucoin is wide awareness, explanation, and introduction into the daily life of Peruvians innovative for them means of payment-own cryptocurrency. Perucoin puts before itself in the near future to buy the industrial building/factory for further its reequipment in a mining farm.Perucoin also aims to promote knowledge of crypto-investments, crypto-hazards, blockchain technology, and related industries and information in Peruvian society. They are going to carry out excursions to their mining farms for all comers of Peruvians and foreigners.

What is Perucoin
Perucoin is a project initiated by BITS2U, which aims to increase knowledge about crypto investments in Peru and wants to achieve the following goals:
• Provide the necessary knowledge about cryptocurrency in Peruvian society
• Encouragement of the public’s desire to invest in cryptocurrency
• Educate and share your experience in the mining field through guided tours

ICO distribution
-Added in tokens 21-05-2018 500000 perucoin $5.6-sale ICO 11-06-2018 1400000 perucoin $7.0 revenue from Perucoin.

The work of the team under the leadership of Victor Nieto Luis CARRERA, striving to provide the best opportunities in this project. In addition, the team also tried to provide the transaction and the best service to anyone interested in joining the project.

Price strategy
As a currency based on a crypto platform, they seek full transparency in all the transaction by introducing smart contracts blockchain. To maintain the course and stability of its perucoin coin, 30% of all tokens generated on their farms will be directed to buy already available perucoin coins.
First of all the project is focused on the fulfillment of set goals within the country. Perucoin It should be noted that the project is supported at the state level, which is undoubtedly a big plus for the project with the goals. However, Perucoin also plans to exit at the international price and at the moment, in parallel with the establishment of cases within Peru is also engaged in the search for partners in neighboring states and highly developed countries, where cryptocurrency are very successful.

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