PeruCoin – Designed as The First Virtual Currency for Peruvians

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Perucoin  The global coding room has more than 5,000 types of electronic money. The introduction of a digital currency was found in an unusual location. The numerous examples of inflation are tearing Venezuela into the small Pacific island of Marshall, which has developed its own currency. Various countries, such as Sweden and China, are considering introducing their national electronic money.
Peru, unfortunately, appears to be well behind its LATAM counterparts, with a reported adoption rate of just 0.7%. This lack of knowledge or belief creates unique opportunities for Bits2U, the developer of PeruCoin. This will aim to educate and improve knowledge of blockchain in the Peruvian community for wider use. Through PeruCoin, we strive to express all of Peru-the activities and functions of the world of electronic money.
PeruCoin aims to provide Peru with the same benefits that other countries get through electronic money.
While many nations openly embrace the wealth, security and freedom of electronic money, unfortunately, it is not everywhere. In Peru, electronic money remains unmanageable and the electronic money market suffers from serious problems.
All of that will change with the birth of Perucoin . PeruCoin is a project of Bits2u and its goal is fair and simple:
Provides Peruvian knowledge about e-money
Encourage the public to invest in electronic money
Create a modern mine farm in Peru
Use the farm for guided visits to educate others about technology
The first step is to establish an area of electronic money mining with a capacity of more than 2,000 mining machines and to show how Peru works. We look forward to building long lines for guided tours, with unbreakable glass covering both the right and left sides. Behind it are a mining machine and additional equipment to ensure proper coding.
Peru is an economy of $200 billion and a per capita income of $15,000. Even a small percentage of that money going to the blockchain will have a big impact on Peru’s economy and cryptographic economy. The advantage of the first motives in Peru, along with the promotion of strategic marketing for the use of cryptography, could be a strong outlet for PeruCoin in the 39th largest economy in the world. PeruCoin will contribute to the network effect of PERU tokens and will have an impact on the multi-billion LATAM crypto power economy.
Microgeographic targeting will be very beneficial for everyone involved as PeruCoin is a department store for everything in cryptography in a fast-growing South American country. The ability to sell various encryption services and provide access to global encoders in one of the undeveloped countries is a very valuable and strategic combination.
Perucoin This revolutionary technology has reshaped the way we interact and conduct transactions. The whole definition of money as a traditional exchange system is being redefined. That’s why PeruCoin will shine. In Ecuador, knowledge, and suspicion about e-money in Peru has been deepened. The project was set up to ensure the necessary cryptographic contacts and train trained instructors to train the right people. Interested in this area.
Electronic money is already a very important part of the global financial ecosystem and will facilitate its position in the global economy by 2018. Given the technological development of late, it is important to educate Peruvians and why they need to implement this futuristic concept.
In Latin America, 60% of the 600 million people do not have access to bank accounts. This becomes a major problem when trying to transfer money. However, for dealing with electronic money, people only need mobile phones and 70% of people have access to one. This makes it completely redundant to rely on a third party like a bank and provides a quick and unique solution to a problem that has existed for years.
When it comes to international transactions, many companies have recognized the incredible value of using electronic money. An international deal must be quick and efficient, but that almost never happens because there are countless unsettled fees across borders, delays, and problems with the entire amount. Cryptocurrencies solve these problems thanks to the speed and simplicity of the blockchain system.
PeruCoin is a long-term investment
Perucoin  is committed to stability. The project is aware of the trend problem of ICO pumps and the draining of pop-up windows left and right. To solve this problem, the reserve fund is divided into two main functions to keep PeruCoin stable. The solutions and approaches of the project are widely applied in the global cryptography world.
The PERU token is designed to increase the value. The token owner is encouraged by the model to keep his token as a long-term growth element. Reserve funds are the sole property of PeruCoin and investors or employees cannot distribute or access funds. This person may not trade PeruCoin from the reserve within 48 hours of the sale or purchase.
The concept of PeruCoin’s future is the path to progress
Decentralization and security, the PeruCoin ecosystem provide the perfect opportunity to advance education and knowledge of the money industry in Peru. This will lead to reduced credibility and fear of cryptocurrencies in general.

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