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PERSONA¬† New ideas about the management of a secure identity and real, is the brainchild of Ioana Frincu (co-founder of Persona), Stefan Neagu and the team. Ioana is a consultant in IBM Business Analytics and optimization Division Engineer Analyst and Analytics and machine in the Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and Stefan is an experienced in the financial sector on industry APN Amro and Royal Bank of Scotland, a variety of large projects such as the migration of “core banking system” and the application of the internet application bank

Persona is a platform for identity management which is in line with data security regulations, as for the runglingkup it works to deceive customers and provide full access rights over personal data which can be individually controlled.

Indeed many identity data management platform that is secure like facebook, goolge and others. But not only the security of the person was sought, but also facts/real identity instead of fake data. To that end, persona create a data management management platform that is secure, verified, recorded and decentralized technology with the help of blockchain.
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The main focus of the project among other persona: first, by utilizing the technology of blockchain in the management of identity data perupakan only the best solution for the time being, by their very nature are decentralized and blockchain safe. Second, to protect the personal identity data detailing which actually already on google, facebook, etc. But they do not have control over the data when it was uploaded, for that persona gives back control data information themselves.

Third, empower any person persona to get stock persona for those who provide information to their personal identity data. Fourth, allow for third parties (companies) to find out the details of the data to add to their services by offering the trust as a service. Fifth, in order to prevent the existence of pemalsual identity by providing a decentralized identity management systems, such as the persona can give a report identifying information based on the level of trust the public persona by tracking profile the source of the news. Sixth, persona to streamline the dissemination process when the power of the individual has been reviewed by several people that the entity already registered in the system.

The Introduction Of Platform Persona
As a platform (application) which is decentralized in the use of technology which is famous for its blockchain without any failure of the transfer and the entire data stored will be recorded on the encryption where individuals can have control over the details details of the data they share and with whom they share it and for how long.

Main points of technology offered by blockchain are:
In the absence of a third-party intermediary, does not require any more transactions through other parties who we use transactions go through third parties.
Decentralized, meaning there will be no transaction failure and safe from hackers who tried to attack the network and it is virtually impossible because hackers have to breaking into the entire network.
Immortality, the transaction is already done will not be deleted and it automatically recorded forever on blockchain which cannot be deleted.
Persona use blockchain which allows a company to offer the service KCY (Know Your Customer) a service to represent the company verification admit one’s identity when interacting relationships business with them. The verification process has two levels of community and professional KCY.

KCY Method (KnowYour Customer) Persona
KCY servicen one of the most important chains, because KCY is arguably the first verification rate by the community where the identity is checked with the same age as friends. This is an effective effort in which people are encouraged to validate the identity of each others, so must confrimation the authenticity of the document and the identity of the register.

Each verification process someone at least get 5% of the shares in which the verification process is addressed by a distance closest to the profile already verified previously. To benefit community KCY persona will determine the ambassadors in major cities all over the world who can build a community persona in each location are listed on the website of persona and his schedule was announced in the society.

Fraud in the verification process will be marked, persona in this case doing a careful mechanism to avoid cheating, if a Manager to verify the data on a notary public and their identity proven false then they will be marked and will lose all their stock percentage.
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List of documents required to be able to follow KCY is:
1. ID or passport or document dikuluarkan by the Government (original document)
2. A copy of your ID or picture
3. bank statement or invoice that proves your residence

The documents will then be stored in the IPFS and signed by both parties so check and recek every person who verified the data.
KCY Professional is an individual process of dimanaseorang passing when it involves entities that require identity verification process, this entity once registered on the block persona will automatically renew and verify your identity individuals and bring on the level of verification become 100%. If someone comes directly to the private partner that is verified, they will be finished when the entity pairs confirm.

The security level of Data Blockchain with Persona
Remember, there is the fact that there are two components of the layered products-lapir on each data, persona is safe to use. When signing up with a provider, the physical presence of the individual is the requirement to share their data with the company. There are three segments namely: first, the Blockchain that holds the data transaction and IPFS to the server penyimapanan. Second, web applications and dashboard for personal use. Third, a mobile application that helps data management.

Security mobile applications based on login by using YOUR PIN and pemindaiansidik fingers, then to application security website using a 2FA authentication. So the use of creating identities, the stored data will be secured by the cryptographic algorithm is blockchain.

There are many reasons why technology Blockchain to use and more secure when compared to centralized applications, because it does not have a system failure, not prone to theft of data, recorded and the absence of human error, etc. The system persona offers solutions with Caas (Customes as a service) first in the market. The identity of the digitas persona is stored on the blockchain itself, secured by the Dpos (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) mechanism and Cryptography. Because the Save filebesar on the block persona, persona is inefficient use of storage in separate layers of the filedan image that decentralized called IPFS will keep all uploaded by the user.

All documents that are uploaded by users will be encrypted using the private key before they are uploaded and distributed through IPFS, when documents are shared among members of a notary, fileakan encrypted by their owners and distributed directly with her.

On Persona Blockchain represent the DPoS system with 51 delegates who make use of the technology of the Ark (Persona is a block ARK, ARK’s vision follows the Approach point. click. blockchain). The number of delegates had been set to be 51 in order to support the estimated number of nodes and deals for the first year.

Based on the technical description of the ARK blockchain is as follows:
DPoS (evidence of the Offence Leading) 51: first, actively forge a delegate; Second, the Delegates were chosen by a voting mechanism that is made in the DPoS;
100 million PRS-Block Genesis Seeds;
Multi-signature account;
The graphic block reward and inflation is illustrated below
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Persona would use the Distributed Licensing Technology for managing the register of users, transaction approval and proof of identity. We will deploy our own blockchain, named The Blockchain Persona that has the following characteristics:

disabled organization blockchain with 51 delegates are branching out from the Ark ( blockchain
Blockchain will be public and will feature interoperability with the other blockchains through Smart Bridges.
Persona will integrate natively, at a rate of blockchain, a solution like IPFS sharing documents and files between users.
Because we do not expect our users to interact with the blockchain at low levels, then the company will develop and implement a centralized application for managing the best common functionality. Application developed by Persona will be open source, based on the architecture of microservices.

Components of a web Persona is built using the following technologies:
NodeJS (server-side)
React (to front-end) cell Stack is based on the original development for Android and iOS and there is consists of the following technologies: Android Kotlin and Swift for iOS.

Token Token design of PRS is token utilities used by the platform for published verification for each token used PRS verification. The token circulates in the environment and they will be forged through the DPoS system with 51 delegates, similar to the Ark While the verification is done and the initiator is the private partners, they will pay the price for verification token PRS verification will be different based on the complexity of the verification.

The business plan, the Target timeline and allocation of the Token
Selling Tokens for Persona will take place following the phases described below:
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The number of tokens will be 100 million flagship. The price for one token PRS for TGE is $0.2 Total allocation:
-70 million allocated to the PRS TGE;
-15 million allocated to the PRS team consists of the founder.

The token that is allocated to the team will be loaned for a period of three years, divided into yearly payments as follows:
-10% on Genesis;
-30% after 12 months;
-30% after 24 months;
-30% after 36 months;
-PRS 12 million allocated to Fund Startup Persona;
-1 million allocated to the PRS advisors. The token that is allocated for Advisory will be held for 6 months;
-1.5 million PRS assigned to gift.
-500,000 PRS assigned to escrow service (performed by the Ark)


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