PECULIUM was revolutionary savings platform easily integrates the capabilities of automatic machine learning and artificial intelligence technology (AML-AI), Blockchain (Ethereal) and saving traditional markets and currencies crypto.
Peculium was transparent savings platform based on machine learning automatically, thus avoiding the risks facing the world investment at this time.

Now investors have rights that cannot be repealed for transparency, portfolio management in real time, while giving themselves a future that is unusual: to get freedom and prepare for the future, capital and a better life.
The most obvious way to save savings is to open a deposit in the bank who reliably. The price now is 5-7%, which roughly correspond to the expectations of inflation. Those who want to get, could try to trade stocks. This is a good way, but there is a risk of losing your savings. And there’s a bond. About bonds knew very little, but to no avail. Bonds are a very reliable way not only to save money, but also to get.
Bonds is really a very reliable way to save savings. Much better than on bank deposits. The main thing is not to experiment with dubious companies.

And there’s a small plus! State power is doing everything to encourage people invest their money in bonds and thus supports the economy of Russia. And one way the motivation was 13 percent of tax returns. This means that if you open IIS (individual investment accounts) and invest it in any number of up to 400,000 rubles, then next year, by submitting a tax return, you can receive from the State an additional 13% of this amount. (if you pay tax in the previous year). There are unique constraints here, which need to be invested for at least 3 years. But the repayment of taxes could be accepted early next year after getting the money.

But now the future of the currency reversed crypto, which gives a very good growth, and most people start investing in it and get a nice profit The arguments of supporters and opponents of digital currency largely reflects the traditional view of the economy. Supporters refer to coins in wallets as a valuable tool that allows them to make money for investing in currencies, crypto without the help of central banks and protect the interests of commercial monopolies.
For example, in the case of Bitcoin, all decisions are made by a broad online community-in real time and without intermediaries. This significantly reduce transaction costs and ensure anonymity.

And which one is best to store Your crypto currency? Until today this problem is in great demand. And the solution is the same! I draw your attention on this project:
PECULIUM using large data analysis capabilities and automated machine learning (AML). PECULIUM uses the latest risk management algorithms to minimize the risk in the development of portfolios. By leveraging research over decades in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the PECULIUM has developed asset management consultants world’s first standalone crypto and supervisors AIΞVE, designed to optimize risk management, as well as customize the most profitable strategy is better than can be done. achieved by anyone
PECULIUM has set out a strategy and a very complex product that meets the expectations of many user profiles. To give an overview, we have a good documentation for this task.

Peculium will be listed as an exchange currency in CryptoCurrency Market after the end of crowdsale.Since encryption keys first appeared in January 2009, crypto currency market has grown exponentially. According to estimates, the market capitalization of global Cryptography around 150 billion u.s. dollars. Although in the last few years, growth in market capitalization of no more than spectacular, the currency market is still in the early stages of crypto.

We will offer our professional clients and three types of products:
Smart Contract managed by (E2E), from end to end,
The position will be executed PECULIUM AIΞVE AML with minimal risk.
Designed specifically for companies and institutions. This will be done through an intermediary Agency for financial or legal entities, conduct business activities or entrepreneurs, through intermediaries.
stand alone products designed specifically for those people. It is controlled by the control of delegated or using artificial intelligence through the PECULIUM AML AIΞVE

PECULIUM platform powered by blockchain technology. Blockchain is a digital register. This contains all the transactions on the network. The block in the block is similar to the book page. This unit is connected using the secure cryptographic functionality that makes the registers remain intact. Blockchain stored in a decentralized way network. The presence of simultaneous concurrent and simultaneous multiple copies block allows to avoid single point of failure. In addition, the chain of transactions on the block can be checked by anyone, which makes it a unique and ideal for business practices that are completely transparent in the PECULIUM.

As many as 5% of this token will be sold in a private sale from 1 November until 22 November 17. ” 7 days of the first private sale would be typical for registered users. Starting on 27th November 17, only 25% of the tokens that will be sold during the early stages of the placement of coins (ICO), which will last until January 19, 18. ICO 5 hours will first be considered before ICO, which will benefit the investors with the added bonus of 5%.

On the delivery phase is extended (CCO), starting on 18 March until the end of July 18; a total of 55% token will be sold exclusively to large investors and invested around the world, providing institutional and funding stability for long term success. 15% token will be done by the parties concerned (Team, Bounties, advisor). At the end of each phase, the token not active will burn. The token that indicates the token will be available to the public.

The early investor and participant projects PECULIUM will be allocated
Bonus. The values of the PECULIUM supports small and large crowd evenly. The bonus will be allocated based solely on the time frame and not be dependent on the amount of costs.Private tenants will be given 50% token bonus. In the early stages of ICO and ICO, the structure of the bonus will be changed from time to time from 35% to 0%, as shown below. Big investors at the stage of filing the coin continuously will not receive any bonus.

The minimum funding target for this project is 7 million euro. If not could raise the minimum funding target, 90% of the funds will be returned to investors within 1 week using smart contracts. 10% will be retained to cover operational costs.In essence, the global savings market amounted to $15,000 billion, the market share of current crypto $150-only $190 billion. Since 9 months crypto space has grown to 4-8 x. With broad adoption, trends will continue to grow. Trade smart with algorithms developed to utilize the information in social media, news, Forex market, wallstreet etc and creating strategies in real time to minimize losses and maximize your profits will probably steal the game’s growth. You can easily become a part of this transparent system based on the technology of blockchain.

ICO will start soon, but if you want to get a 50% bonus, private sale has already started.
Personal sales 1 January 2017 until 22 November 2017
PreICO only 5 hours (12 am-5:00 GMT) on November 27, 2017
ICO November 28, 2017 and ends on 19 January 2018.
CCO March to late July 2018.

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