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PECULIUM was revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Blockchain (Ethereal) Technology, and the market economy savings and traditional kriptocurrency.
Peculium was transparent savings platform based on machine learning, in this way avoiding the risks faced today in the investment world. Investors now have rights which cannot be separated from transparency, management of portfolio in real-time, while guaranteeing future as exceptional: to get freedom and prepare for the future, capital and a better life.
PECULIUM has set out a strategy and a very complicated product that meets the expectations of many user profiles. To give you an overview, we have a good documentation for this task.
Since the advent of the first cryptocurrency blockchain-based “Bitcoin” in January 2009, cryptocurrency market has grown exponentially. According to estimates, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization around $150 billion USD. Although in the last few years, the growth of market capitalization has been anything but spectacular, cryptocurrency market still in its infancy.
With the help of smart contracts during blockchain Ethereum PECULIUM, transparent solutions provide savings for investment in traditional cryptographic assets. Using an Arti fi cial Intelligence, PECULIUM maximize bene fi ts of market cryptocurrency progressed. PECULIUM combines traditional savings and market cryptocurrency through blockchain technology in the mutually beneficial relationship of fi, potentially giving an advantage to the savings invested.
PECULIUM Platform is powered by blockchain technology. A blockchain is a form of digital books. This contains all the transactions through the network. Block in blockchain is analogous to the big book page. These blocks are connected by a secure cryptographic function, which makes the book changed. A blockchain saved over a network are decentralized. The presence of simultaneous and synchronized from multiple copies of the blockchain avoid single point of failure. In addition, transactions through blockchain verification ed by anyone, making it a unique and ideal vehicles for business practices are completely transparent in the PECULIUM
the solidus is end to end smart contracts designed specifically for businesses and institutions. Compared to the First Contract, the solidus is the Solidus o ff ered at various intervals of 1 week, 1 month, quarter, and 6 months.
ALTERUS is a smart end to end contracts designed specifically for large corporationsand financial institutions. Than dengansolidus, it provides greater control over the parameters of the savings-management that allows financial institutions to attract brokers in the delegation of management. ALTERUS by solidus would provide a broad spectrum of flexibility and autonomy over the management of savings.
Singulus grassroots solution is provided by the PECULIUM. It is designed specifically for investors, individual or group of individuals. Singulus equipped with basic features like risk management, security, and stability. MODI fi cation dariSingulus is possible through the subscription of a variety of features. This allows the calling brokers and partners for financial management, which enrich the Singulus with the ability to manage their own as well as flexibility to delegate.

Token Distribution
As many as 5% of the tokens will be sold at private sale start from 1st Nov to Nov 22, ‘ 17 ‘ 17. The first 7 days of private sales will be exclusive for registered users. Starting on 27 Nov ‘ 17, a total of 25% of the tokens will be sold during the initial phase of a coin o ff ering (ICO), which will last until Jan 19, ‘ 18. The first 5 minutes of the ICO will be considered a pre-ICO, which will benefit investors fi t with an extra 5% bonus token.
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