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Paytailor is a startup Estonia, connecting people with business with the help of technology seamlessly. Paytailor is a flexible payment platform and powerful for business, easily incorporated into existing processes, as well as mobile payment applications for the consumer that works with merchants regardless of the operating system or the manufacturer of your mobile phone. In addition, merchants and consumers do not have to change banks or upgrade the hardware, because they can use the bank account and the devices when starting to use Paytailor.

Paytailor helps businesses to grow and sell smarter through unique community building with its customers. Paytailor combine different payment methods, big data, and NFC technology, turning everything into a powerful tool for traders to create customer relationships that are completely new. Paytailor payment platform allows a lot of loyalty and bonus opportunities and e-commerce application which offers a very simple shopping cart for customers.

Easy and safe way to pay

  • Merchant start payment. You have 60 seconds to receive payment
  • Open Paytailor application, scan the QR or discover the salespoint NFC or with the help of shortcodes
  • Make sure the numbers are correct and confirm the payment with PIN code is your personal mobile wallet
  • Successful payment will be displayed to you as well as for the merchant

A simple and safe way to shop
Paytailor easy to use and works with a smartphone that you use every day. To pay you just need to scan the QR code on the application and confirm the payment.

Your virtual loyalty cards
Every time you pay with Paytailor we make sure you get all the discounts and special offers. Thus you can leave Your loyalty card at home.

Online shopping on a mobile wallet Paytailor
Super simple in-app shopping with fastest ever check-out. No need through many web store or download countless apps for shopping, it’s all in your application. Because your bank card is included in your purse, you just need to confirm your payment with your personal PIN code.

Secure and private
We never store Your card information in any way. All card information is being processed by the bank, which has all licenses and the actions of financial institutions in order to make Your card data remains secure. You only see the last 4 digits of your card number in Your mobile wallet application Paytailor. Make sure you enter the 4-digit PIN code to your wallet. This way you can be sure that nobody else who uses your mobile wallet. To set or change your PIN “Security” in your wallet.

Start with a mobile terminal today. Paytailor is safe, easy and fast to receive payment. Mobile terminal can be used according to your wishes and desires. You can use it at the festival, where outdoor and indoor.
Paytailor is more than just another software. Paytailor is an advanced solutions, which simplify payment and payment. This is a full service from registration to receive payment.
To start very easily. Just select hou you need to receive your payment and we will do the rest.

Let us know what you need to help and we will take care of the rest:

You choose how to receive payments-smartphone, tablet or desktop

  • Paytailor is very easy to be integrated with existing systems
  • You can receive some of the lump sum payment
  • We can automate machines, vendings, system, doors and adding mobile payment solution
  • Bring Your goods and services to the e-commerce solution in the application and let your customers experience a new level of shopping e overall. Our e-commerce is a way of shopping is easy and secure.

An intelligent marketing tool:

  • We are here to show you a new way to interact with your customers, help you improve your business. Paytailor works like a channel loyalty and personal communication.
  • We have a loyalty and bonus system in the application, be yours to be used in ways that you need most
  • We help you to get to know your customers. This means you can easily build your own customer community
  • Please invite your customers, end bonuses will remind them or give information about sales and deals. We can help you with text messages and notifications
  • Loyalty card in your application. We can easily customize your personal customer discounts.

How Paytailor has been very outstanding and very easy right? Because this application is very helpful Because we are in terms of everyday life and make things very easy for the latter application could pay when you shop or otherwise. Paytailor is a project which uses intelligent applications for all young people and get in payments.
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Until here we pejumpaan, along my Rachman Mahesa. Greetings

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