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PAYPRO — is decentralized bank was created to the new eco system where the price is represented in a new form thanks to Smart Contracts. We also develop the wallet where users can create a crypto-token currency and ERC-20.

After we collect the PayPro, the client will be fit to do ETPT, BTC or GAS, for example, a commercial center and utilize the resources to enter into stage crowdfunding, for example. In addition, the supply of an interest in the kind of this token will also be deleted in the PayPro. Therefore, all sources of crypto and liabilities of individuals will be invited to speak at PayPro.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Because of the complex is the challenge PayPro, we have yet to develop it. Off, all of the code will be open source and hopefully the community can join our development.

We run the ICO is to collect the funds needed to start this business. We hope we can start working with you in this amazing project.

Why ICO?
Because we truly believe that the PayPro global change, we also believe that it should be understood by the global community for several reasons:
-First of all, as a decentralized application, very reasonable if we mengkonseptualisasikannya
must originate from the community alone our organizations will be
the main promoter, we also expect Community support in terms of funding.
-Secondly, we face great challenges in it like
the development of technology, payment networks, strategies, compliance … and by
Therefore, it takes a considerable amount of funds to achieve our goals.
-Lastly, the Token PayPro (PYP) is the core of our network. PYP will
became the main currency of our networking and crypto will also be used to install our partners at once to fill all the available services on the network

Paypro Token (PYP) will become the main currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions in the market. The main purpose of PYP are those

will be used for the political rights and the use of Usage
All services offered on the market and all transaction fees will be charged
in the PYP. Because of the growing number of currencies that will occur
Supported by this application, we have to decide which one will
accepted to charge all costs and to simplify the market.
Though ETH can actually be good candidates, we are reluctant
count on it because we do not share that Ethereal final.

Create A Token
The standard ERC20 is used for all Tokens created in Ethereal.
20,000 ETH will be placed and 40% of all Tokens PayPro will be issued on sale early.
Smart contracts assigned in order to the delivery TokPP TokP can automatically occurs immediately after the ETH accepted.

Allocation of Token is as follows:
-5% will be distributed to the community from time to time in return for a

R & D and bounties.
-15% is allocated for early investors and partnerships supporting & future.
-20% reserved for the team at the moment and most importantly,

Team motivation package of the future.
-Final 20% will be held by PayPro, under the supervision of the community,
to achieve sustainability of the future through income distribution network.
Shipping Token PayPro (PYP) from Smart Contract will occur as soon as the ETH posted

The sales period of the Token
Token sales will begin on November 22, 2017 at 21:00 GMT and will finish on December 22 at 21:00 GMT time or when the target value of 20,000 ETH achieved.

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