PAYPRO 1st Financial Marketplace As a DAO

PAYPRO With the increase in Ethereal, we found that the Blockchain is not only meant to change the current payment network but also to change the whole eco-system. The principle of Blockchain the same can be applied to property ownership, digital identity, supply chain, insurance or clinical trials, for example. From my perspective, a new understanding of how Blockchain can be used thanks to Smart Contracts will be the starting point for creating a Digital system of law.

A new project will appear by creating new needs that will look for new solutions. We all firmly believe that the future is very close and in so doing, we want to position ourselves at the forefront by providing solutions that will make it easier for us to shift from old paradigm to new paradigm. the project was called the PAYPRO “decentralized financial markets first”
Paypro born in 2015 as an online tool to make payments in 25 currencies. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct of Authority, collecting two overall fund 750 thousand pounds and spent a little more than a year on the market. We successfully process the €500,000 per month, which is not bad at all compared to the beginning of the Kantox or Transferwise.

We have created this white paper to share with you. You can read and study it. and you can also visit our site.

Paypro is decentralized bank created to handle a new eco system where the value is represented in the form of a new Contract. Paypro is decentralized financial market where the dApp can post services. Paypro is also developing a Wallet, where users can store the crypto-token currency and ERC-20.

In addition to saving the ETH, BTC or GAS, the market can also invest in PayPro platform crowdfunding. So did shares received from investments will be the token will be stored in the PayPro. Consequently, all the assets and liabilities of individuals will be Crypto represented at PayPro.
In addition to the application and also decentralized PayPro dApp. What’s a dApp? The commercial center of PayPro. A dApp must meet several criteria to consider:

  • Applications must be produced open source, needs to work on its own and is part of a larger token cannot be controlled by the element. In addition, the proposed upgrades and criticism of the market can be customized in the Convention.
  • To access the application and appreciate the value of a contribution to the contributor, or the miners required cryptographic token.
  • The token must be produced as proof of the value generated on the application.
  • The decentralized Blockchain should be used to store data and records of operation to avoid a focal point of failure.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will begin to collect the funds needed to start this business. We hope we can start working with you in this amazing project. so you all can participate in the development of this project as the investor. more information on pre-sales and ICO, please visit our site.

PayPro Products:

  • The first stage of development — the wallet after closing Token Sale will consist of integrating the Ethereal to build Purses. This wallet will be able to store all currencies and all major crypto tokens purchased in our markets. You can download it at playstore.
  • Marketplace — After the wallet is built, we will begin work on the market where the decentralized finance application will easily send their service to the portfolio. The user will assess and review the service to create a ranking of suppliers. This application will help promote mass adoption of Smart Contracts.

Token PayPro

Paypro Token (PYP) will become the main currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions in the market. The main purpose of PYP is that they will be used for political rights and usage:

  • Political rights — the community can propose new technical design to modify, add or remove elements of the new Protocol version. While the PayPro will set the initial inflation rate, the token holder will be able to adjust the inflation of our Token
    or down (in range).
  • The use of all the services offered in the market and all transaction fees will be charged on the PYP. Because of the growing number of currencies that will be supported by this application, we have to decide which one will be accepted for a charge and costs so that the market can be simplified. Though it is true that the ETH could be good candidates, we are reluctant to count on it because we do not share that Ethereal is the final winner to a contract. Other businesses such as Neo (AntShares) also offers a very interesting opportunity may be successful in middle.
  • The role of private entities — as PayPro, PayPro will not have any property or property of its kind in the market. PayPro actually will have open source software licenses are MIT. Our only interest is to make it grow and exploited by society. To do that, we are responsible for providing support to the community. However, we will be holding a number of token after ICO. We will use this token to fund our Organization and still create value for our communities, including users, investors, developers, and all our stakeholders.
  • Mougayar — William Mougayar is counselor and Adviser to the Ethereal to 2016, the pre-eminent Conference Consensus CoinDesk. He has proposed a series of questions to avoid vagueness around the Token and thereby determine their functions.

Name: Token PayPro
Symbol: PYP
Pre-sale period: 8 January until 15 January 2017
The term pre-selling: Min 15 investment ET
Pre-sale bonus: Bonus up to 35%
Main sales period: January 15, — 31 January
Main sales bonus: 1-24 20%, 15% first week, second week of 10%
Exchange rates: 1 ETH: 500 PYP
Limit: 20,000 ETH (Hard Cap) or a EUR 5,000,000.00
Currencies accepted: only for ETH
The benefits of the Token holder: Decision & economic rights.
% Token sales: 40%
Nationality: anyone except Singapore, Estonia and
U.S. legal restrictions or because the State
the trade was approved by the United States.

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