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PayPortal An india-bright and diverse country, whose economy is increasingly integrated with the world economy. Detailed economic reforms undertaken in the last decade have had far-reaching consequences. GE Capital calls this country unique, PepsiCo finds herself growing and Motorola is confident that she has become a global source. Operations on Indian territory occupied a central position in the global activities of these giants.

A huge and growing market, developing infrastructure, sophisticated financial sector, flexible regulatory Wednesday, benefits, sustainable State and good economic Outlook makes India attractive to investment. Business Wednesday India favors achieving the high level and constant growth.

India is currently on the path of development in open market economy, however, traces of past policies of the country remain. Economic liberalization, including the repeal of State control of industry, privatization of public enterprises and reduced control over foreign trade and investment, began in the early 1990 ‘s and served to accelerate the economic growth of the country, which averaged more than 7% annually since the 1997 year.

Payportal is a private company founded in the year 2011, professionals with many years of experience in the financial services industry. Payportal connects providers with their customers using Payportal purse online. The main venue for the city of New Delhi, in which, under the leadership of the company operates more than 80 distributors and retailers of 2300. In the year 2017, the company managed to increase the volume of payments processed by 45% compared to the year 2016.

More about Payportal
Payportal brings together service providers, such as banks, mobile operators, digital and cable television providers, utilities and others, using an online wallet. Companies use Payportal for more convenient and rapid delivery services to its customers, which in turn have a hassle-free way to access a variety of services and goods by means of a mobile application or Web interface.

For its further development, the company decided to use Payportal technology blockchain. In particular, using the technology of decentralization will be able to achieve a higher level of security and transparency in the work of Payportal. Also, blockchain will significantly facilitate the process of international money transfers. For operations in the token will be used Payportal PPTL. This ERC20 token generated on the platform of the Ethereum. PPTL will be used for the implementation of transfers, payments and other financial transactions. If you need to PPTL will be automatically converted to the correct client currency.

At the moment passes Pre-Sale project, he started 21 of May and runs until June 17, 2018 year. After the end of the pre-sales, 18 June to July 15, 2018 year will undergo basic crowdsell project. A total of 20 million will be issued. PPTL tokens, 14.5 million. of them will be put on sale. Price for one token is 0.002 ETH.

I see good prospects for Payportal, a professional team and extensive experience is the key to success. Already invested in this project, I advise you to do it and you. If you too have become interested, here are some links where you can find more information about

Company plans
PayPortal company believes that blockchain technology is one of the major tasks of the course for the further successful development of the company.

What does it do:
decentralization will save server security wallets in case of equipment failure or hacker attacks.
Money transfer between Indian migrants living abroad and their families living in their native country.
All fees will be made in coins PPTL

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