PAYPERBLOCK [PayB] New Era of Freelancing

PAYPERBLOCK – Greetings to you dear readers. Always happy to share with you the most promising ideas and startups from the world of cryptocurrency. They are created to facilitate our life with you, and to change the world in the future. In the era of the internet, many professionals in various fields began to renounce traditional full-time employment with a direct presence in the office of the company, in favor of full or partial remote employment. Why not. If the position of the staff member does not require a permanent presence on the ground, remote work is an excellent solution.

The annual volume of the market of the freelancing industry reaches $1.5 trillion, and its participants have become more than 77 million people around the world, who consider the work within the freelance as the main.

Freelancing as it exists, has many drawbacks, including high commissions, high risks, and a centralized dispute resolution scenario.

Payperblock is a project designed to be the beginning of a completely new era in the field of freelancing, so the platform released within it will solve many problems of centralized friends platforms.

Payperblock is a global operating platform for freelancers. On a platform, there are experts on a blockchain, and on an ecosystem works a block-scheme Payb. The team at Payperblock hopes to use blockchain technology to connect the right talents with the right jobs so that every potential project blockchain can succeed. The purpose of the platform is to offer a transparent and fair ecosystem, whose fees are the lowest in the industry.

Payperblock will be very different from other platforms for freelancers, both centralized and decentralized. At a minimum, it is mostly designed for blockchain-specialists so that the project founders can use the platform for forming teams for startups.

Platform users need to create an account, send a job, and then hire a freelancer to do the job. Freelancers on the platform include contract developers, Web site developers, software developers, writers, artists-3d layouts, remote helpers, and digital marketing staff. The business will start from Finland, where it is currently based and then expands in other countries. Payperblock is not just another freelance platform on the basis of blockchain technology, as many others, and the platform with its own blockchain-Payb Blockchain, thanks to which it bypasses a lot of other similar sites. This entails a lot of advantages, including lower commissions than on all other platforms, the ability to scale, decentralized management and dispute resolution.

The platform has the following functions:
1. The low fee-fees that all customers pay on the Payperblock platform is 1% commission if they make payments using PAYB and 2% when payments are made using Bitcoin.
2. Transparent working process the platform hopes to introduce transparency in the freelance industry. The following actions are performed in real-time mode, which ensures transparency and quick resolution of disputes.
3. Community decision-making clients and freelancers can access the distributed dispute resolution process. The community is taking just and democratic decisions.
4. A decentralized body the central authority shall not decide on the rules and policies of the company, but all decisions shall be made by voting among all holders of tokens consisting of a large and diverse group of people.
5. Guaranteed payment The platform takes a vigorous process to ensure that customers on the platform always receive their payments. For each payment, the agreed amount is frozen on the customer’s Ethereum account and provided to the freelancer after the project is completed. In the event of any dispute, the various token holders who give a fair and fair decision allow this.
6. The process of elimination of disputes the Platform would consider a process that restricts the occurrence of disputes. A robust management system will be created, and both parties can use the system to monitor the continuous workflow, leading to successful projects.
Another distinctive feature of Payperblock is the ability to organize the working process qualitatively and transparently, due to the availability of appropriate tools, working in real time. Such a move will allow the platform’s creators to minimize controversial situations by making Payperblock the most reliable freelance platform.

Debit Card
All participants of the Kriptovaljutnogo market, including blockchain-developers, are interested in the global acceptance of cryptocurrency and the possibility of their use in everyday life as a way of paying for goods and services in the real world. Thanks to this, cryptocurrency holders will be able to use their BTC, ETH, LTC, other cryptocurrency and erc20 tokens to, for example, pay for purchases or pay for tickets.

Although the adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment is waiting for us not soon, blockchain-developers have found an alternative and began to issue their own debit cards. Since last year, maps have become a kind of trend in blockchain-projects, so Payperblock is no exception, and its creators will allow holders of Payb to use tokens to pay for services and goods in the real world. All questions concerning the policy of Payperblock platform are solved not by the central team of its creators, but on the contrary-are in the hands of its community, consisting of all holders of Payb tokens. All decisions about the principles of the Platform are accepted only by voting of the community members.

Payment Guarantee
One of the mechanisms of dispute prevention will be the system of payment with the help of cryptocurrency (BTC/Payb) and blockchain technology. Before starting a job, a freelancer must make sure that the customer has entered the agreed amount in the smart contract. In fact, the client simply invests these funds.

Once the work is completed and accepted by the client, the smart contract will unlock the funds and make the transfer to the Freelancer account. This will make sure that the clients do not attempt to deceive them. Otherwise, the fact of the refusal to accept the work of the client may be challenged in the arbitration proceedings.

Participants payperblock from among customers will be able to pay for the completed tasks using Bitcoin and Payb Token. The Platform Commission for payment by means of tokens will make 1%, and with the help of BTC-2%. Such a move will be a kind of motivation for market participants to acquire tokens within the ICO.

Already in early August starts Pre-ICO, in which interested cryptoinvestorss will be able to buy tokens with certain bonuses. Immediately after its completion, in September, the public Kraudsejl will start, on the results of which the team Payperblock receive the necessary funds for the further implementation of the project.

Payperblock Token ICO.
The Payb token is a utility token that will be used on the Payperblock platform. The token is a ERC20 coin based on the Ethereum network. The distribution and transfer of tokens is carried out using the PAYB contract, which works in the Ethereum network. 10 billion tokens will be provided, and 45% of these tokens will be released during ICO and sales to ICO. The pre-ICO will be in August 2018, while the ICO will be in September 2018. On the platform, there is a referral program in which affiliates and investors will receive 5% of Payb-tokens for each purchase of ICO.

In the future I think that the project will achieve a lot of goals and objectives because at this stage has already established itself quite well and it is not the limit, so definitely join the project if he is interested.

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