PAYGINE Blockchain platform for Fintech and Crypto Business

PAYGINE  – By creating a platform for Paygine, we do not make everything from scratch but bring our accumulated experience and all the services and technologies used by Best2Pay as a base to build on. Paygine key competitive advantage over similar projects is that it can improve the service and the Best2Pay technology is currently used by businesses, e-commerce, and other FinTech. A complete list can be found in the introduction. We will scale them globally, complementing them with new services specifically designed to help businesses that are already using (or planning to use) cryptocurrency and blockchain in their operations.

Paygine platform will allow the use of cryptocurrency in the transfer and which payment is usually done using traditional payment instruments:
 Transfer cryptocurrency to a physical card;
 Pay in stores using the card in cryptocurrency;
 Accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services from online stores;
 Do the cross-border transfer of fiat currencies with the use of cryptocurrency with minimal cost;
 Keep the wallet in the fiat currency and the second currency crypto with the ability to easily and quickly change the funds between them.

A Service Of Paygine
For all the services described below, it would be possible to set rates, terms of service, commissions, and more., For final customers. The configuration will be done through the API directly, or at the time of certain operations, Paygine allows clients to quickly change the terms of service to their own clients, thus providing a competitive service that is flexible in that time also. and being able to apply a complicated financial scheme.
KYC Procedures
Because the main focus of our business is the transfer of funds between different clients in different jurisdictions, we will give full attention to the process of providing data identification and validation online to clients for:

 Achieve compliance while ensuring timely client onboarding and efficient;
 understand the nature and true purpose of the accounts being prepared;
 Lower cost of ownership with flexible solutions that can be adapted to respond to a changing regulatory environment;
 Implement a risk-based approach towards compliance KYC which allows us to focus our resources and apply the appropriate restrictions on high-risk clients.
Maintaining The Accounts Of Private Individuals
PAYGINE  Individual proprietorship will open internal accounts in one currency (USD, EUR, etc.) And will be given the status of identification depends on the data provided in the KYC, applicable laws, and the place of residence of the individual. All calculations and actions with your account will be made in accordance with the procedures fully compliance/AML received at the platform. The ability to open an account, manage, provide additional information, and more, will be available through the integrated API.
E-Wallet (Wallet)
An electronic wallet is a payment tool that is perfect for those who are spending or earning money on the Internet by doing an online purchase or sell goods and services online. With the help of e-wallet, it is possible to make various kinds of calculations using virtual money, which can then be converted to cryptocurrency individuals, or to the fiat currency and pulled into a bank account or a card.
Exchanging Between Currencies Are Fiat Currencies And Crypto
The Exchange plays an important role in the economy of cryptocurrency by offering the market for trading, liquidity, and the discovery of the price. Therefore, it is very important for us to be able to provide Exchange services to our clients and to allow them to exchange between different cryptocurrency and from and to fiat currency.
Exchanging Fiat Currency
We also plan to offer Exchange services with a customer-friendly fare. Currency exchange will always be sought after, and we estimate that market opening in the given the high conversion rate of the bank and the Commission usually occurs.

Payment Processing For Merchants Receiver Cryptocurrency
Paygine platform (under the brand Best2Pay) is actively used by many merchants to accept payments using bank cards and doing over 2 million transactions per month, with a turnover of more than US $115 million per month. At the same time, we provide our merchant clients with both functions, which are common in obtaining Internet, and functions that are rarely offered by our competitors.
Maintain One Account For Merchants (In The Currency Cryptocurrency Currency And Fiat, With The Possibility Of Automatic Conversion)
This service is a logical continuation of the recipient of the payment merchant in cryptocurrency. Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, most traders transacting in fiat currencies. We believe that in order to increase the attractiveness of the deal in cryptocurrency, merchants should be able to freely convert the fiat currency and the cryptocurrency between each other.
Providing The Last Mile To Transfer Money To The Country Of Destination And The First Mile To Transfer From The State

All of the money transfer systems based on the current cryptocurrency is facing the challenge to find partners who will provide money transfer services that are stable and affordable. When you create a service, we specifically consider the features of a money transfer system will affect cryptocurrency.
Money Transfer Services — Services That Provide International Money Transfers Based On Cryptocurrency As Payment Rail
Cryptocurrency actively used as a mechanism to transfer funds abroad and in certain countries. This is a fast transfer method and often the cheapest. Because of this, we estimate that such services will be highly sought after.
Deposit And Withdrawal
Maintaining a variety of ways to deposit into the account, card wallet, and private individuals on the Paygine platform, as well as develop extensive ways to withdraw funds from them, is very important when selecting and evaluating the comfort of working with the particular platform.
Provides Access To The Many Exchanges Through One Interface
The number of exchanges of crypto in the world continues to rise, but the conditions, requirements and protocols, all the different exchanges. Often there is a need to work with multiple exchanges simultaneously.

Published Cards Associated With The Account In The Fiat Or Cryptocurrency
It is still quite difficult to pay by account cryptocurrency on the Internet and in stores brick-and-mortar. The problem was solved by removing the physical/virtual card combined with a conversion mechanism from cryptocurrency to fiat currency. Have experience in implementing similar projects in banks, we plan to join one of the international payment systems and certification for the issuance of the card, either physical or virtual.

A Service Of Peer-To-Peer
Electronic purse service is the Foundation of peer-to-peer previously had ours. This service combines the ability to create purses through the API, and allows for the issuance of the virtual card, and input and output channels with a wide range of predefined settlement scheme between private individuals. A service of peer-to-peer in great demand in many business types (e.g., Platform aggregator) which unites people to sell goods or provide services to each other directly.
PGC Token
PGC token will be the basic functional tools on the platform of Payne and can be purchased through the sale or Exchange after ICO ICO.
A limited number of the token (151,750,000) will be generated. There will be no extra token issued.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 18 June-17 August 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 PGC = $1
Bonus 5%-30%
The total supply of PGC 151,750,000 Token

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