PayFair – Self Regulating System Consists of Independent Escrow Nodes and Trust Nodes

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Payfair  is a decentralized escrow platform for the execution of cryptocurrency transactions between the two parties. This is achieved by using Payfair tokens (PFR) based on the Ethereum flowchart. Low Commission for the transaction, its security, and confidentiality. Save time when committing a transaction, absence of third parties or bureaucracy
PFR items are an integral part of the system. Tokens Create trust nodes by providing trade between counterparties

I wanted to add these videos to D. Tube, but unfortunately, from the night there are problems with adding and pops up a message about an unknown error. So I decided to add two videos here. The movie is divided into two parts because I have a license for max 10-minute videos. But I hope this is not a problem. I am only a little disappointed that d. Tube refused to obey:(
Well, still a small correction. So there I said at the end of Filmiku that I spoke with the developers Payfair and found a little trouble when registering a signature using Trezor. So in the signature code, it is enough to replace the word TREZOR on the MEW and registration is done without a problem. But until April 30 programmers have promised to update this problem and will be registering also acted without a word substitution when used for Trezora authorization.
What is a guarantor service?
Payfair This is a financial agreement in which a third party owns and regulates the payment of funds required for the two parties involved in the transaction. This helps make transactions safer by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account, which is issued only if all terms of the agreement controlled by the escrow company are complied with.
Rating system
Rating of guarantor-participants:
 Create a self-regulating system with reliable participants of the guarantor-chain
 Enhances the competence and impartiality of the transaction
 Fair distribution of the Commission among the participants
Counterparty Rating:
 With multiple uses of the platform as a guarantor, the rating will reduce the number of fees for the operation, thereby increasing interest in the continuous use of the platform
 Increase confidence in the transaction side, even Payfair  without the participation of guarantor-side  Increase confidence in the Internet environment the guarantor of the participant of Crowdsale total number of tokens 100 000 000
will be sold on PRE-ICO 30 000 000
For sale during ICO 56 000 000
Reserved for the Payfair 11 000 000 teams (frozen for 1 year by smart contract
Bounty campaign 3 000 000

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