PAYFAIR – Decentralized Escrow Platform and p2p Exchange

Payfair – Whether the majority believes in it or not – but the cryptocurrency world and the blockchain technology are steadily developing, and in this connection, new activities and terms are emerging in the respective niches. The most interesting projects, of course,are those that work to improve the financial well-being of the user. To the place to use the term “Escrow”, which is a certain financial arrangement in which some disinterested party manages the financial processes between the two other exchanging parties

The Payfair platform represented in this key ensures the primary security of all payment transactions on the turnover of cryptocurrency between the two parties. These transactions contain both fiat money and cryptocurrency, digital and physical goods, and services

The current money is being tokenization and securitization
The service of the project Payfair is activated by a token with the symbols “PFR”, which is a token of the standard ERC-20 on the basis of a blockchain of cryptocurrency ethereum.
The basic functionality of tokens involves creating a network of “nodes” that directly create a decentralized environment. This is reflected in the origin of the trust nodes in the platform, the creation of conditional depositing nodes allowing possible disagreements, as well as the admission to the receipt of tokens to their potential holders.
The PFR tokens themselves are an interim unit of the Platform and a single part of the entire ecosystem represented.

The entire pool emitted is 100 million, which are distributed in the appropriate proportions:
 Pre-ICO-30 million PFR tokens;
 ICO-56 million tokens;
 Reserve of the Payfair development team-11 million PFR;

It is important to understand the existing competition that the cost of using the above financial services is very affordable. All transactions that are performed are terminated in a private, secure, and decentralized environment, which can greatly increase the level of trust.
It should be noted that the Payfair project was born not only to provide the safest environment but also to save time. With this approach, it is also quite possible to expect the destruction of bureaucratic barriers, insofar as other parties do not participate in the commission of Transactions

Escrow factor
Existing master-node systems do not allow users to effectively connect a chain of actions “from person to person”. Payfair Smart Wallet methodology allows owners of ESCROW nodes to connect and communicate with other owners of the same nodes
Using the Escrow Financial agreement format, it is possible to expect that the most secure transactions are made in practice because the funds are on a secure account. In this situation, the deposit is released only when all claimed requirements have been met. In this case, it does not make sense to use the escrow service, especially if it is a large amount, because it can not be released until these requirements are met.
Having the place to be escrow sites are awarded for active participation in the Payfair system. The users will receive a commission for any profitable transaction in which they participated, but in the currency in which the transaction itself was converted

The escrow units also provide a union between the seller and the buyer. Escrow nodes are protected by PFR tokens. It means nothing else than that every decision in the ecosystem is meaningful and executed by a real person.
This innovative kind of networks gives the PFR token a key advantage over the coins of this cryptocurrency because the owners of Escrow nodes can easily organize their work in this system as participants of the project Payfair

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