PARQ – Your Smart Parking App

PARQ – Great news! We present to your attention Parksen-easily adaptable platform Smart, Green, and Connected City Platform. It is accessed through a public API that works entirely on the Parkens Parking Cloud. We offer you a great variety of intellectual contracts in various variants using the flowchart Ethereum, IOTA Tangle and our own tokens of PARQ utilities. The uniqueness of this proposal is that it is equally useful for And for small towns and cities.
The PARQ team uses a universal book that captures data that gives a complete picture of the major chokepoints in urban areas. It is this information that helps to continuously improve traffic flow and reduce emissions and transshipment of carbon monoxide. We invest in intelligent parking solutions, improve outdated technologies with the help of IoT devices ( Internet of Things), we use the application for parking in online mode as well as universal information panels.

Future challenges:
1. Work on core systems. Eliminate the global problem that makes parking spaces not fully utilized, resulting in increased workloads for developers, administrators, and service personnel. The problem lies in the lack of cooperation and the use of various software and hardware by cities, companies, and garages. Use various software and hardware tools. This problem is able to solve the latest equipment Internet of Things. This versatile software system will be able to adjust prices, reduce the load on drivers and increase their motivation in the work.

2. Time is money. Thanks to our platform we will help to reduce time in search of parking places, help to reduce expenses on payment of parking. Thanks to US drivers can easily find a convenient location and budget parking spaces, as well as they, will be able to reserve them in advance.

3. Environmental friendliness-based on research conducted in 2017 in the UK, which had the code name “Capture pollution and congestion”, conclusions were drawn about the growth of congestion in all major cities of this country. When the traffic is overloaded, the exhaust emissions are increased four times. Accordingly, in a smooth motion, they are four times lower. When the tracks are loaded, it is obvious that the speed decreases and the number of emissions that are detrimental to human health and the environment is increasing. Studies have also shown that, due to polluted air, mortality in the UK exceeds Mortality in Sweden is 64 times and doubled in the United States.

The effective solution from Parq
Thanks to our platform we can radically change the outdated and long-overdue infrastructure of the city for the better. We will be able to bring order into the daily activities of those who for one reason or another are in the center of large cities. To make sure that our platform is really needed, we tested it on the most problematic transport parking lots. First, there will be an update and expansion of the minimum Life product (MVP): The Parksen Parking application. PARQ Thanks to new features you will have the opportunity to get information about the situation on the road in the online mode: stoppers, traffic jams, accidents. And our navigation system will help you to park in the nearest available places and for reasonable money.
We are also glad to offer you clear, easy-to-use universal APIs and dashboards for all interested companies, garages, municipalities, service personnel, emergency services, and consumers. Our platform works on Parksen Parking Cloud, which guarantees the exclusion of mediation and, as a result, excessive financial costs. You get information about the necessary parking lots first hand. Our APIs and dashboards can be connected to multiple intelligent urban solutions that are in these locations. Everything will depend on the integration of IoT and the technologies that are concentrated in the cities. Based on the collection of data related to traffic, our application and platform enable all users to provide continuous monitoring Situation on the roads. Drivers can use this information for personal use, and local authorities and municipalities will be able to make decisions to combat congestion in the busier areas.

Parq functionality
PARQ  This is an online parking application that greatly facilitates the lives of drivers. The Parksen parking application will help you find, reserve and pay for parking in advance, which saves your time and nerves. Also with the help of the application, you can find the most convenient route to the destination and get information in online mode about Traffic intensity on the road.
Cloud Solution-One of the goals of Parksen-connecting municipalities and companies to consumers and garages. We guarantee that with the introduction of this unified for all universal platform will exclude the dependence of the above users from expensive third-party software updates Soft and.
Green, Smart & Connected City Platform-Parksen city platform has a universal instrument panel, which will be able to track congestion, pollution levels, usage intensity and condition of parking spaces, as well as the status of devices and sensors, Connected to IoT. This platform fits perfectly into the market of eco-friendly and smart devices.
The Parq token is a proprietary Parksen token that can be used to pay for the app, software, and even parking spaces. This will certainly help your locality, company or garage to make its own contribution to improving the environmental Environment.
If you are interested in the project Parq and Token sale, important information for you:
Token Parq
Pre ico Price 1 Parq = 0.07 USD
Price 1 Parq = 0.08 USD
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap 15 million Parq
Hard cap 19.5 million USD


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