Parkgene – Peer-to-Peer Parking “Airbnb like” Revolution on Blockchain

PARKGENE is a decentralized ecosystem where owners of parking and driver meet to conclude a lease contract parking short term or long term. PARKGENE, Blockchain-based Ethereum combined with smart contracts, will eliminate the reliance on centralized systems among the participants the transaction, and will significantly reduce the cost of parking for drivers, as well as offering alternative sources of income to the owner of the parking lot. PARKGENE provides an innovative approach, openness, comfort and ease of use to allow the parking industry and many of his interests to improve the quality of city life to a new level.

The ecosystem will be attractive to owners of individual, professional or parking of the city, which is involved in offering parking places, and also to the driver. PARKGENE will create the most comfortable conditions and easy for all users of the platform to achieve their goals. Furthermore, due to its decentralized, PARKGENE will offer you all the tools to customize and simplify all operations in accordance with the needs and special requirements.

The Vision Of The Project Parkgene
PARKGENE is an easy and safe way to find parking places, connecting drivers, businesses and individuals.

The vision of this project is to interfere with the traditional line-off line-mainly Industrial-sized parking lot, $100 billion per year, and to give the driver a better parking experience, as well as help the city become more intelligent and eco-friendly.

Parkgene aims to make parking in the city is twice as easy and ten times cheaper. We will assign a token GENE as a method of payment for the automotive industry, which allows drivers to pay parking and integrate it with the mobility service, automotive vehicles and infrastructure.
How Does Parkgene Work?
Drivers looking for parking lot meet virtually with the owner of the parking lot through the application PARKGENE. The following diagram shows the different stages of the session completed at parking platforms PARKGENE and above the Ethereal Blockchain by contract.

So the driver ordered parking, booking contract sparked a comeback PARKGENE in Public Blockchain Ethereum.

PARKGENE application to transfer the amount of parking fees in full GENE from the driver’s wallet, to storage places (Wallet while). If there is not enough balance of GENE in the driver’s wallet, the driver could use her credit card or other payment method (Bitcoins, Ethereum) to buy GENEs in real-time and to pay for the transaction.

Reservation and payment successfully delivers the functionality of the App in addition to the driver and the owner of the parking lot that is required to complete the actual parking session. For example, the driver will have the ability to open the garage door from your phone, while the owner is notified and monitored parking-on live video-entrance and exit the vehicle. This function is optional-although very helpful – and achieved through the integration of the PARKGENE platform with remote access tool that is available in the market, or a certain device that will offer PARKGENE to the owner of the parking lot and costs very low.
Features Of Parkgene

The Reduction Of The High Parking Fees
The existing platform, which is an intermediate in the parking industry, taking a high percentage as Commission. At the same time, P2P economy Parking is not fully implemented, since there are still middlemen in the form of services or booking agents who take on the role as guarantor and arbiter in resolving disputes and situations that are not standard.
Trusted Review, The Value Of Incentives And Bonuses
PARKGENE offers a bonus system that the driver and the owner of the parking receipt to perform certain actions in the system: process identification, a detailed description of the parking lot, add photos, write reviews, etc. Put a rank on the rails of the economy, will allow the driver to receive a more favorable deals and save money.
Security Measures
PARKGENE appreciate the safety of the owners of parking spaces (which provides access to them) as well as drivers who park their car. There are several actions that we’ve been doing to manage all security issues. There are various stages where precautions are applied:
Ownership and account access
Physical access to the parking lot
Financial transactions

Sale Token
During the sale of Tokens, PARKGENE PTE Ltd will publish a crypto token called GENE Token (GENE) on blockchain Ethereum, operated by smart contracts that will be available to buyers around the world, not including Those that are restricted.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales 15 January – 19 February 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin
The price of a Token 1 GENE = $0.1
Bonus 10%-25%
A total of 1 billion Token Supply GENE

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