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FINTRUX  loan market is peer-to-peer. Types of consumer loans in the United Kingdom grew 81.2% per year between 2010 and 2015, lending the SMES to grow 6% annually during the same period, the number of active borrowers nearly doubled on the year 2015 only. According to Morgan Stanley, while lending […]

BOONTECH Artificial intelligence can double the annual economic growth rate by changing the nature of work and create a new relationship between man and machine. The impact of technology AI against the projected business can increase the productivity of the workforce up to 40 percent and allow the public to […]

BOB’S Repair During the last three years, the Prandecki brothers managed to operate the automatic linking STWP consumers directly with contractors, which generates revenue of more than $1 million USD and facilitates more than 50,000 services call. In spite of this success, the founders realized that they could not complete […]

COPYTRACK is an online platform that is fair to the Publisher, photographer, picture Agency, and e-commerce vendors. We stand to make an equitable wealth management and intellectual property on the internet. COPYTRACK currently offers 4 main services. The service is free for anyone to use. We strive for a fair […]

LOOMIA -World crypto is developing very rapidly and fast nowadays. Crypto has been a huge success as a digital currency, with Mark crypto success achievement of the exchange rates of major currencies or bitcoin up to 108 million dollars The increasing trend in crypto amini positive by many other businesses so much business that started venturing in the realm of crypto. One reformer who appears to use crypto is Loomia. Loomia is the first to do business transformation of textile field by using crypto. This is a great idea that is very exciting and promising What Is Loomia? Loomia is a business platforms tektil which connects fashion trends fashion […]

DESCROW ICO as a way to finance a new business ideas and projects that are running more and more popular. The volume of funds flowing to the economic blockchain has increased steadily during the last years: ICO Investment is already estimated at billions of u.s. dollars. ICO market developments so […]