Best Btc Project

Toplancer is a system that in the wake of the above Ethereal based blockchain, has been developed with the explicit intention to acquire the whole of $1.5 trillion as a freelance economy. We help you finding a freelance work online, and we give you the latest blockchain technology to manage […]

DEBITUM The network is a distributed ecosystem Debitum consisting of the various partners involved in the process of financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), risk assessors, insurance companies, investor, creditor and other opponents all parties using token Debitum as the sole means of payment are possible among themselves when transacting […]

FCFL is a professional sports League is really designed for the digital age — put the fan controlling sports entertainment experience. Player personnel and real-time play calling decisions are all made by fans via mobile applications make the League, fans of coach and general manager to their team. Fans will […]

ARBIDEX is the first trading platform that gathers the liquidity of the stock. Currently we have Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken and GDAX connected. A user has the opportunity to trade on the Exchange from one account and one window. This system will allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency with […]

NUCLEUS-VISION is the technology solution end-to-end that captures and provides data previously not affordable to retailers and businesses ‘ brick and mortar ‘ more through technology block and logging real time sensor. Solutions developed Nucleus, which currently has a 19 ‘ sensors ‘ IoT stationed in 10 retail company live, […]

Boosteroid  Someone of 21st-century life in the rhythm of the mad and have to complete many tough tasks as quickly as possible. It is not possible to meet them not long ago, but now, thanks to the development of the Internet and new technologies, the future becomes a reality. Currently, […]