Best Btc Project

E-Chat – Currently, application is already running, with a potential audience of more than 3 billion people! The market already has a large number of instant messenger, but E-Chat has a number of advantages, which makes it truly unique. The main advantage of the messenger is as follows: a system […]

EARTH TOKEN  Earth project is Blockchain Token with a vision to improve the environment, launched by impactChoice. impactChoice, founded in 2009, has an Office in the u. S, u. K, South Africa and Mauritius. the company has developed a ‘ Natural ‘ Exchange Asset after providing environmental mitigation audits software […]

CRYPTOTASK – In 2009, the world witnessed the introduction of the currency of crypto in financial markets with the potential and advantages Yes . A number of people follow the developer’s philosophy is the concept of a crypto currency market and since then the relative improvements in almost all. Soon […]

GMT Global Mining Token started there from the joint venture partnership between the people behind OR Blockchain Investments, which offers structure and investment vehicles that are managed so that the world can invest in the market and the cryptographic instruments and RealBit Mining Bitmain official distributor and provider of the […]

МЕТТА — is a platform for ordering services offline, collect a few service providers in one application. This is a mobile solutions based on geolocation and block-chain. This includes in-house currency, comment system and my Messenger. «Uberisasi» (direct access to service providers and customers) and the economics of peer (joint […]