Best Btc Project

Introducing The Minerva Minerva has a special uniqueness. This platform aims to reverse the trade process. Minerva will pay a transaction fee to the business, while users are not charged alias free. So Minerva work as Proof Of Transaction using an algorithm, where someone will get a token only with […]

MAVIN is actually a currency based on two words, namely: maven and the influencers. Maven here-someone with knowledge or a good understanding of the subject. While the Influencers are people who affect or change the behavior of people. Therefore, the purpose of Mavin is creating a global market in which […]

Storiqa is a market with a wide variety of functions for effective sales in the world’s new digital economy. and also Storiqa is a project that will bring together individual entrepreneurs, small scale producers, family business and craft makers. Storiqa allows business owners to make their own online market during […]

CyberTrust is a platform that enables institutions or giant investors to buy and sell assets cryptocurrency easily and safely. Cybertrust will handle the problems that still exist for this problem like  cryptocurrency, overcoming the risk of abnormal clearing, overcoming in the judicial recovery process if problems occur and protect digital […]

Crypterium Talk about the bank as well as talk about money. Money in everyday life is something that is very important as one of the tools used in the transaction to meet the necessities of life. I think we all agree that the meaning of the bank is the place […]

Paytailor is a startup Estonia, connecting people with business with the help of technology seamlessly. Paytailor is a flexible payment platform and powerful for business, easily incorporated into existing processes, as well as mobile payment applications for the consumer that works with merchants regardless of the operating system or the […]