Best Btc Project

ONLIVE –  Network is live video streaming protocols that are supported by Blockchain technologies. Thanks to blockchain, this ensures full decentralization, high scalability and open market for broadcast media without censorship censored around the world. Platform OnLive revolutionize the market broadcast video and long-distance consultations. Offers scalability and availability of […]

RepuX is a framework-level protocols (“protocols of RepuX”) in which various types of data that does not change can be and exchanged among the various collectors, developers, and corporate users. RepuX protocols combine several technologies such as InterPlanetary decentralized File System (or IPFS), Sia, Ethereal, EOS, and offers the potential […]

POTENTIAM Have you ever asked for is no place social platform focused solely on the needs of your music; where you able to connect together all of the people in the music industry, being from engineer to singer-songwriter? Well, we’re here to tell you that the way you’ve met in […]

UTEMIS do something that has never been done before with the level playing field of the economy of some countries that Latin America is very heterogeneous in a way that creates a new integrated economic space in which all play by the rules the same. The first e-commerce business reputation […]