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LOOMIA -World crypto is developing very rapidly and fast nowadays. Crypto has been a huge success as a digital currency, with Mark crypto success achievement of the exchange rates of major currencies or bitcoin up to 108 million dollars The increasing trend in crypto amini positive by many other businesses so much business that started venturing in the realm of crypto. One reformer who appears to use crypto is Loomia. Loomia is the first to do business transformation of textile field by using crypto. This is a great idea that is very exciting and promising What Is Loomia? Loomia is a business platforms tektil which connects fashion trends fashion […]

DESCROW ICO as a way to finance a new business ideas and projects that are running more and more popular. The volume of funds flowing to the economic blockchain has increased steadily during the last years: ICO Investment is already estimated at billions of u.s. dollars. ICO market developments so […]

eGold is the new digital currencies based on Ethereal blockchain. eGold aims to unite fans betting eSports worldwide by offering an easy, fast, and secure alternative to bet on their favorite game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and many others. All the […]

TITANIUM Since the emergence of the idea of a network of interconnected in the 1960s, very little has changed about the infrastructure of the internet. While the internet currently have a server much more interconnection, home computers, and most importantly, user, functional technology framework has not changed since it was […]

NetworkUnits The unit is the way to design a network multiplayer game and give developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality. We will be using Ethereal and functionality blockchain contract to create a platform that allows the owner of the hardware (the service provider) allot of Bandwidth and CPU […]

MeetnGreetMe Whether you need help organizing a bachelor party outside the country? Or do you want someone reliable to meet your parents at the airport, helping carry luggage and support along the way during your stay in the city? Or maybe you need someone to help you order the hottest […]