Best Btc Project

AKAIITO – AIC is token utilities, which has its own what its value will be increased with the development of the system and its popularity. By using AIC token you can buy goods, services and rentals in the platform game Akai Ito. You could also be exchanging them in the […]

KWHCoin – for the current energy needs are inseparable. This is the very thing that is needed by many people. Just look at how people hunt energy sources elsewhere. Kelaut, kehutan-forest, Highlands, mountains and so on. This is not because the want to get the source of energy. With the […]

Chainium In international capital markets have gone through a tempestuous decade since the start of the recession. The world has experienced some economic growth for 5 years. Even then, there is a serious decline in the number of IPOS. The market performed well but at the same time, the start-up […]

BITCOIN ATOM This is a new type of digital asset exchange with Exchange of Atomic chain on the chain. They create a bitcoin actually decentralized. We know that Bitcoin has made revolutionary changes, there are more things to be worked on and improved. Project founder Bitcoin Atoms want to overcome […]

TRANSCODIUM aims to provide a media-based blockchain the first peer to peer at the forefront and decentralized to transcribe , editing and distribution of high quality platform with the computing power and reliable with a very affordable price. This will create a global market for users, willing to rent out their […]

BUZZSHOW The video has become a mainstay of entertainment. The rise of video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have increased the demand for video is exponentially in developed countries and more and more around the world. Because the industry is worth billions of dollars managed by a for-profit company […]