Best Btc Project

ROBOTINA Worldwide, the total electricity consumption reached nearly 20,000 TWh1 with an average price of USD 0.14 per KWh, which is equivalent to USD 3tn per year! Commercial buildings accounts for 40-50% of the total. In addition to rising consumption, the main problem in the electric power industry is the […]

Digitize is the ecosystem-based blockchain and crypto that let consumers change loose change into a virtual currency at the point of transaction. Loose change it to be tokenized into the Digitize currency, which lets them use to payments, loyalty programs and interchangeable with Etheruem or C20 index to be invested […]

Boutspro – Karate, a sport which continues to grow globally, has long been a shortage of global organizations to efficiently manage the various terms. With the advent of blockchain technology, professional karate team called BoutsPro has appeared to use technology to manage blockchain organizing, education, media, sponsorship, advertising, and much […]

FLUX – Collectively, the gaming industry have more than 2.3 billion user that generates income and great value to entrepreneurs and companies (more than 105 billion USD per year). A turnover of transactions that occur through gaming platforms evolve exponentially but at the same time leads to several problems. One […]

CEYRON Debit card also known as a bank card, a plastic card or a check card is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash for the purchase. It’s like a credit card but unlike a credit card, the money came from bank users. transaction account. Some […]

EQUI The market is one of the many types of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby the parties involved in the Exchange. Although the parties can exchange goods and services with barter, most markets relies on sellers who offer goods or services they include labor in return for […]