Best Btc Project

Zodiaq claims to be the first licensed bank to offer a wide range of cryptocurrency and currency services. What is the zodiac? Zodiaq is a financial ecosystem whose goal is to simplify the management of cryptocurrencies for all. It is a cryptic bank registered in the Comoros, a small island […]

Cryptosouk is the crypto exchange of the next generation. The development of computer technologies has contributed to the advent of so-called digital money or cryptocurrency in the market, the existence of which in the era of globalization is justified. Currently, there are many sites for crypto trade. Many of them […]

OPTin is an ecosystem that allows users to access data without intermediaries directly to the advertiser. This ensures complete anonymity when selecting data. Users can choose a category or company that is of the greatest interest to you, saving money and reducing waste. This platform is designed for brands, publishers, […]

TeraWATT  is a patented process to renew and use renewable energy, with a focus on monetization and global LED lighting decision making. Terawatt will create DAO as well as deflationary, private (ZK-snarks) currency Ethereum for global payments. DAO will be financed and used by utility companies, LED vendors, businesses, token […]

Horizon Communications is a new wireless internet company that will start its operations in Bermuda and expands to most of the Caribbean region. They will offer services using wireless LTE technology to deliver up to 150 Mbps Internet speeds, VOIP phone offers, and high-definition television services. The goal is to […]

Monvid We all love to watch videos or movies, favorite TV series. But it happens so that our country introduces restrictions on viewing of the TV shows or closes our favorite video hosting. Sometimes it’s very annoying. Censorship is imposed on everything we used to love to watch. We try […]