Best Btc Project

EMMARES -Email Marketing System is a system of Rewarding a very favorable evaluation for marketers email (sender) and the recipient of the email (all email users). EMMARES connecting high-quality email content with the interests of the recipient. Encourage better quality content, low frequency, and fair evaluation of content. EMMARES brings […]

Property Coin is the exclusive lock for you to participate in the token that is backed by real estate and loan portfolios are diversified and professionally managed not found using proprietary technology platform Aperture. Aperture? what the heck is an aperture, the Aperture is the technology real estate and investment […]

I AM HERO New development in an increasingly technological world has a very rapid developments and continue to experience the innovation and quality in an increasingly better technology, and increasingly have the benefit for the community or various client worldwide in understanding a variety of activities as well as a […]

Open Collectors Network is a decentralized Exchange Platform first to a token one-of-a-kind, where everyone can create, customize, interact, and interact with individual items with ease, in the open market, based on the standard specification. This is the first platform to create and trade tokens that cannot be photographed. THE […]

DataBroker DAO The global market for sensors IoT has exceeded 600 billion USD per year including purchase, installation and maintenance of sensors and acquisition of software packages for interpreting and enriching data. The data generated from this investment is for the use of the sensor by the landlord or Prime […]

EOZ credit new platform gives users the opportunity to conduct transactions with unlimited money using unique neural network (ANN). ANN really is the development of an advanced model, which has a base of biological neural networks. This simulates a non linear connection and process between the incoming and outgoing signals. […]