Best Btc Project

SaTT – To buy something, you need to sell something. and to sell a product or service, you need to invest in advertising. Up to 30% of the cost, such as a smartphone, may be due to the manufacturer’s marketing costs. That is, buyers pay the cost of advertising, and […]

Gowithmi – The Gowithmi project is a digital platform that tries to create the world’s first infrastructure network of decentralized location services (dlbs). Gowithmi will provide a complete and reliable geospatial data exchange service focused on large business, working with data, computers, personal, commercial and environmental organizations. This will lead […]

Faba – For a long time, everyone is hearing such a concept as ICO, it is banned regulators, they are sued, ICO earns and loses crazy money. ICO has become a new type of fundraising to finance projects, now anyone can raise money for their project from those willing to […]

Vecap – Every day we use a huge number of things that are increasingly entering the new ranks of internet things, that is, has a built-in IoT sensor. It can be anything: coffee machine, TV, audio system, and any other electrical devices that can remotely perform any action. There are […]

Sharemeall started with an idea to allow people to share not only the skills This is an alternative community project focused on the most active online buyer-seller platform. The company Easy Free took into account these wishes to open a virtual market for these exchanges called Sharemeall. The company offers […]