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The Deal Coin With the introduction of innovative technologies into the modern world, many users around the world can solve all their problems without leaving home. Since the problem of financing small and medium business has always been quite significant, a large number of software companies have tried in any […]

Triggmine Greetings Friends! Today we will talk about a unique platform called Triggmine! It is an intelligent email automation system, a platform built on the architecture of blockchain and smart contracts. These features enable e-commerce entrepreneurs to conduct cost-effective email marketing campaigns using a system controlled by artificial intelligence. Smart […]

Localcoinswap The platform brings the power of blockchain technology and implements a new approach to traditional business owners. With this technology, you can transparently distribute the benefits of the platform to the token holder. Company analysis Localcoinswap Localcoinswap is a distributed market that allows sellers and buyers to directly access […]

CGCX In the last two years, cryptocurrency has gained popularity and is quickly becoming more and more mainstream, thanks to increased global adoption. With the development of blockchain technology, there are many functions that are provided by banks, financial institutions, and companies will be replaced with a platform that is […]

ONLINE IO When people hear about ” Blockchain”, they think of the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency the world’s first, which aims to transform the global economy. However, Blockchain, the underlying technology Bitcoin ready to interfere with other sectors as well. Started years ago there was a big hype around technology stacks Blockchain and […]

NAUTICUS  There are many Cryptocurrencys released on the market daily, but are they really useful for something? Unfortunately, many altcoins are very problematic and are intended to be rejected. Nauticus Coin, cryptocurrency, which we will consider today, argues that it is not one of them. If there are so many […]