OutOfTheCloud – Revolutionizing File and Data Sharing through Blockchain Technology

OutOfTheCloud – Despite the large number of ways to protect the information to date, still remains the problem of the threat of storing files and data. Many risks, your information may be subject to theft, loss due to destruction or malfunction of the equipment. Also, by providing open access to your files or for example downloading data from other users you can infect your computer with a virus, which will lead to terrible consequences.

How to solve this problem outofthecloud?
Beauties the use of blockchain technology, Outofthecloud gives a guarantee that your files and data will be under highly reliable protection in blocked folders, which finalized encrypted. This offer the complete security of your information and the ability to choose where you would like or do not want to store your files.

How tired of sending This is thought out by a lot of people who need to provide the same content files on a laborious website? You are not a web designer, but so want to please the look of the recipient is not a regular link to download, and display PDF, image or video.

Outofthecloud is a solution for file and data will be in the base on a chain block. Outcloud Systems, Inc. currently has an operational delivery platform that has facilitated the transfer of files to all multimedia is enormous. The company is conducting an ICO campaign to improve its product and make blockchain.

The team offers a free version of the Outofthecloud solution. Free users will provide a certain amount of storage space in exchange for storage space available to other users. OutOfTheCloud Paid plans will also be available. They will be different in terms of throughput, overall file size, speed, and security.

What the project solves
Safety First
Your files and data will be stored in secure and locked folders, encrypted, parsed, and placed throughout the chain.

Decentralized storage is a perfect security.
Your customers will be able to view your files in one secure viewer, which you can do with custom branding and positioning. Nothing to install
Everything your client needs is Internet access, a computer and a Web browser. Custom Branding
You can place a banner at the top of our viewer, watermark directly on your video and post a link in the video. You can also drag to where you want your files to appear in your presentation.

Outofthecloud is a new generation of file sharing solutions that offers users a dynamic presentation and instant delivery platform.

Coin Name: Outcloud
Coin platform: Ethereum
Symbol: OUT
Total Coin: 1, 2000000, 000
Before-ICO: 300 000 000
ICO delivery: 400 000 000
Payment: ETH
Protocol: Erc20
Minimum Amount: 10 USD (Amt in ETH.) Premium users can even use several custom branding options that make these presentations similar to their personal or corporate website.

Outcloud systems, INC. is a dynamic packaging presentation platform and delivery system for your surveillance results, and there is nothing like that in this industry. The presentation is all that is in it, and business Mycaseviewer will allow any Office on a private investigator, and no matter how big or small, to directly will present the results of the observation in a paperless and professional protected Web page.
With the help of detective agencies, Mycaseviewer can also brand these protected presentations of Web pages with their own banner banners, logos, and web links, so that the viewer itself looked as part of the company’s own website.

Detail Information :
Website: https://www.outofthecloud.io
Whitepaper : https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A

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