ORBIS – The Future of FinTech!

Orbis – Now in the running and very actively used bank cards, as well as smartphones to pay for certain transactions. It can be a calculation on the Internet or a calculation in the usual store in which you buy products or pay for some things. Thus, the sphere is popular and relevant, while the development of the current market does not stop. There is a new era of currencies, such as cryptocurrency. It is a completely new type and it is decentralized. But this sphere still has that need to be corrected! And so, one such tabloid is the interest rate for the production of transactions. The second trouble that it is difficult to introduce such payment systems, especially for small organizations that simply cannot afford it and lose their client. And all this promises to help us solve a project like ORBIS. Let’s see what he’s offering us.

About the project:
ORBIS – This project is an element based on technology such as blockchain and smart contracts. These technologies allow making payments at high speed as well as with maximum safety and transparency. Interestingly, the idea of the project and the developers is to create their branches in such a way that they serve artificial intelligence, in order to prevent and stop the factor of human errors. That’s just, imagine you are serving a hologram. Yes, at present it is not to believe, but how to know what will happen next.

This project will be useful also for small entrepreneurs because he plans to provide users with Terminal Services to pay for goods and services in general. That is, simple entrepreneurs will be able to use this equipment and at the same time attract new customers. It is also very interesting that the project will provide not only payment services for various things but soon Bedujushhem develop into a full-fledged banking system with physical terminals and ATMs. Quite a serious move and plan, but the time will show.

That is, in the end, this project should grow to a full financial institution that could conduct various financial transactions, issue loans and provide various other banking services.
The project will have two types of own tokens. Some tokens will be needed to pay for the service and this token will be called ORBIS. This token will be released in a certain amount, which I’ll discuss already in the description of the ICO of this project. And there will be another token that will be released in the same limited amount and will have the name Orbis.
According to the project’s plans, the sales of renewed until the 29th of July, and then the release of the mobile version of the project and full-fledged access to the exchange, for the realization of trades of this token of the project is planned. Next, we will consider the sales of this project.

Now I will tell about the ICO itself of this project:
The token will be called: Orbis.
The price per token unit will be 1 Orbis = 0.50 euro.
The total number of tokens that are scheduled to be released: 80 000 000 tokens Orbis.
The minimum sales target will be 500 000 euros.
Sales Start Date: May 1, 2018, and renewed sales until July 29, 2018.

Conclusion :
ORBIS I would like to say that I just do reviews on projects and express my opinion about a particular product, as well as the implementation of ideas that are offered to us by developers. I do not in any way encourage you to invest because investment is a matter of personal decision of each user. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice on investments. You take these decisions purely by yourself. I would like to remind you that I do not bear any responsibility for your investment. Read my reviews and learn a lot of interesting things. Have a good day!

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