Optherium – Synergy of Blockchain Solutions

Optherium – Blockchain mechanics is able to become a technology that will help create many revolutionary solutions for different areas. Seeing the potential, Optherium created a team to implement a comprehensive solution for blockchain. Their goal is to create a complex solution in the economy, where two world-fiat and cryptocurrency will be successfully combined.

Based on Hyperledger, the Optherium ecosystem will be modular, and also have its own multi-blockchain, which will have decentralization, multicurrency, versatile security, its own signature, and an exchanger and Confirm transactions. This will help people, as well as organizations, to save their resources, but at the same time perform instant transactions. The speed that the platform provides is 100 000 transactions per second.

The team was also merged into the Organization – Optherium Labs. In combination, it is also an ecosystem that occupies the main part of the project. Plus, the project enlisted the support of many foundations.

The aim of the project is to solve financially technological problems by constructing private distributed accounting networks, through which both individuals and private individuals can exchange digital assets. In addition, the network is available for storage and trade.

Features Optherium
-B2C Platform
 – Multicurrency
- multi-signature operations
 – NFC
-Work with Visa/MasterCard
 Dynamic biometric test
 – B2B Platform
- multi-signature operations

Optherium Ecosystem
Optherium Labs is an ecosystem that uses the classic properties of the blockchain network, such as speed and security. Optherium Labs also provides access to fast transactions, voting, and many other features. Also inside the ecosystem are established operations on multi secure technology, dynamic biometrics based on KYC, which makes this project very safe. In addition, the ecosystem includes multicurrency, Fiat-Crypto. The Optherium ecosystem is mostly aimed at commercial users – companies that require fast and secure transaction processing in Multivaljute.
The Optherium Labs ecosystem also holds its own hub and decentralized split blockchain networks that have been merged into multi-blockchain. The use of different blockchain networks, with subsequent consolidation at a later stage, allows increasing the security of the network many times.
For business the same, the project offers fast multicurrency Exchange, transactions, biometric dynamic security, multi-decentralization. All this in a coupe for business will mean maximum speed and security of exchange. And for users convenience, by virtue of multicurrency.
Key features of the ecosystem
 Dynamic biometric test
-Purse Supplier
 – KYC
-Biometric key recovery service

Vivus is the first application created using this project. It is a B2C type, in fact, it is an eWallet application that allows you to manage all the finances and their streams directly from your smartphone. This application can also be consolidated for companies and individuals. Using all the power of the project, this application has taken over Multi Secure, Dynamic Biometric and much more. In fact, this application is a business card of the project, showing all its features.

Multi-signature and multi exchanges
Speaking about this module, I would like to note that it was created specifically for the managers of work with clients who need to update the administration, by Optherium. They need this project in the role of an interface for exchanges, which are held in auctions. Also, this project will be useful for banks, due to the high speed of data processing.

Conclusion :
Optherium is a solution for combining FIATA and cryptocurrency and infusion of them into path business. In essence, this project is created primarily for business, in order to quickly and easily control payments. In general, this project opens up new technological solutions that can push the interesting thoughts of other developers. In this sense, this project has revolutionized blockchain.

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