OPP Open Wifi – Creating a Global, Free to Access open WiFi Hotspot Network

OPP Open Wifi – The new Blockchain technology has recently appeared. It provides transparent transactions and reliable protection. Blockchain technology is projected to change almost every sector, from the Internet to the government. This is due to its ability to solve the important problem of the people-the problem of trust. Blockchain allows individuals and companies, as well as Governments, to participate in peer networks without central authorities and without the need to trust a third party. This will lead to decentralized organizations that advocate the case of each employee, not just the owners, it contributes to the emergence of distributed financial systems that allow the processing of P2P transactions around the world; And to create self-executing contracts (smart contracts) that are concluded by individuals or organizations. Smart contracts will help to exchange information, property, funds, etc., this is a very interesting technology. The team of this project will introduce this innovative technology in the Internet area.

At the moment on the planet “land” billions of people use the Internet. It became for many people not a replaceable assistant in their activity. Mobile Internet today is very popular. According to forecasts, by the 2019 year, there will be 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Statistics show that today more than 2 billion users of smartphones that are active in social networks. This tells us about the great popularity of smartphones and mobile internet. However, there are problems. For example, not all people can afford fast and high-quality internet, as the cost of internet tariffs are not affordable for everyone. People are faced with the restriction of traffic and lack of money in the phone. And when they don’t have the money on their phone, they start looking for a free WiFi hotspot, and sometimes it’s not easy to find. The main goal of the OPP Open WiFi project is to make WiFi accessible and free for all

At the moment there are most mobile internet users who do not use all the traffic that their mobile operator has allocated to them, these users would be very happy to receive payment in exchange for providing access to the Internet (Giving away internet for money). The project team is planning to recruit 25 million people who are actively using the smartphone and mobile internet for the next 4 years, these users join the community “Hotspot Hosts”. Together, they can create a free, open, and secure global, decentralized Wi-Fi hotspot that will have a positive impact on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people. Who are the hosts? Hosts Hotspot are ordinary people who pay for mobile data, pay for access to Wi-Fi at home or in the workplace. The developers of the project promise to pay hosts Hotspot every day for the fact that part of their data (traffic) will be available for the common global network OPP Open WiFi.

In order to be a host, you need to download the application for mobile devices or order a configured router. This application activates the “app OPEN WIFI” mobile hotspot feature. Host Hotspot decides how much data to donate. The system is completely safe for both the Hotspot host and the network user. In order to receive payment, you need to adhere to the following rule. The host must keep its access point available for at least 1 hour. The developers promise that payment will be made daily.
The project will provide 3 ways to earn tokens:
1.be as a host
2. To disseminate information about the fact that more users of mobile Internet joined the common network OPP Open WiFi.
3.view messages from advertisers of the project.

This project will have a standard ERC-20 token. This tells us that it can be easily and conveniently stored. The token will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, the user will be able to exchange it through the project portal to the fiat currency, and also use it to make purchases. Since there will be a limited number of available tokens and millions of hosts who will use them, this means that the demand and cost of tokens will grow.

OPP Open Wifi  In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that this project solves a very topical problem for today.. The first are people who want to earn money on the hand of their mobile internet. The second group, it is users who do not have enough funds for high-quality and fast mobile internet.

Webssite : https://www.oppopenwifi.com
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